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Autumn Plants

Boma stocks a range of autumn plants with foliage in tones of wine red, deep burgundy and maroon. Flowering and perennial grasses take centre stage with various textures, shapes, and attention-grabbing blooms. Easy-to-grow autumn plants include Acer 'Bloodgood', Chrysanthemum, Hamamelis Arnold Promise, Viola, Rudbeckia Goldstrum, Calluna, Miscanthus Ferner Osten, and Abelia Edward Grouchers. Just a few autumn flowers to brighten up your borders and pots. 

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About Autumn Plants

At Boma, Autumn flowering plants are available each year and include Helleborus, Camellia, and Cyclamen

Grasses help add a range of different textures and seedheads to the garden, and we have a diverse range in the garden centre in Kentish town that includes: Miscanthus, Panicum, Deschampsia, Calamagrostis, Carex, Festuca, Pennisetum and Molinia.  

Late flowering summer shrubs and shrubs with autumn foliage are available: Hibiscus, Heuchera, Hebe, Skimmia, Cotinus, Coprosma, CordylineNandina, Viburnum Tinus, and Pittosporum