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Outdoor Compost

UK Outdoor Compost at Boma Garden Centre in London offers a range of planting mediums, including Peat-free and Ericaceous Compost, suited for various outdoor plants and containers. The range, selected by horticultural experts, includes organic varieties with coir and pine wood chips, plus Osmocote slow-release fertiliser. Available in 10L bags for UK delivery and 15L for local London collection or delivery.

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About Outdoor Compost

UK Outdoor Compost offers many options for every outdoor plant and landscaping purpose. Boma Garden Centre's outdoor compost range is staggering. As outdoor horticultural experts, the team is passionate about their manure in no uncertain terms. The Outdoor Compost range caters to all UK gardening needs and includes peat-free and organic types, compost for vegetable planters and topsoil. In all aspects of outdoor gardening, a good compost is required, suited to each plant species. 

An excellent compost for hanging baskets and window boxes is MiracleGro Moisture Control. This water-retaining compost is perfect for harder-to-reach spots or places more likely to dry out quicker. 

Topsoil is an excellent alternative to slightly more expensive composts for filling in larger dug-out areas or raised beds. It's also used for levelling areas and a base before laying turf/ sowing grass seed. 

Boma's range of outdoor compost includes Multi-Purpose Compost, 100% Peat Free Compost, Peat Free Bulb Fibre, Fine Bark Compost, Farmyard Organic Matter, John Innes No 3, John Innes No 2, Seed and Cuttings Compost, Lawn dressing, Levington Tomorite Giant Planter Compost with Seaweed, Melcourt Ericaceous Compost, Miracle Grow Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron Ericaceous Compost. And substrates include Horticultural Alpine Grit, Ornamental Bark, Perlite, Vermiculite, Horticultural Coarse Grit, Horticultural Pea Gravel, and Horticultural Sharp Sand.