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Organic Compost

UK Organic Compost plays a vital part in promoting healthy plant growth, healthy living and proper consideration of a healthy environment and ecology. Boma stocks compost that has not been processed with artificial chemicals, pesticides or fertilisers and is certified organic by The Soil association. The benefits of buying organic goods are that you can be sure that no synthetic substances have been added. Boma organic composts are all natural with varieties for indoor and outdoor plants. Organic Compost benefits include green recycled mulch, balanced nutrients supporting foliage, fruit, vegetables and stunning floral displays. The compost supports essential soil bacteria and a fungal ecosystem for efficient root function. It is safe and easy to use. 

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About Organic Compost

The importance of UK Organic Compost. It's essential to shop consciously and, where possible, promote organic and environmentally friendly alternatives instead of cheaper, less eco-friendly products. Organic compost hasn't been treated with chemicals, so it is ideal for growing fruit and vegetables.  

Boma stocks all-natural organic indoor and outdoor compost containing green recycled mulch. There are varieties for houseplants, bedding plants, borders and lawns. The organic compost has balanced nutrients that support foliage, fruit, and vegetables, with nutrients that promote stunning floral displays. Organic composts support the essential soil bacteria and fungal ecosystem for efficient root function. Furthermore, the compost is safe and easy to use

Organic compost offers the same nutritious benefits as its non-organic counterparts. 

About Melcourt SylvaGrow Organic Compost
Melcourts organic compost offers a unique blend of fine bark, a by-product of sustainably managed British forests. The green-friendly compost is sourced with certified organic ingredients. The organic compost formula is renowned throughout the UK by professional horticulturists and gardeners. Melcourt's SylvaGrow Organic Compost contains a balance of organic fertilizers and seaweed meal. It is excellent for plant vigour and disease resistance. 

The compost medium performs best with routine liquid feeding every 3 – 4 weeks. Being Soil Association Approved, it is suitable for various uses around the garden. It does not contain peat.