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Herb Seeds

Growing Herb Seeds is trending, as everybody loves herbs, and grow-your-own plants has become a favourite pass time of UK householders. Supermarkets herb plants have a short lifespan and soon perish. By sowing your herb seeds, the plants have time to establish in a stable environment eliminating shock due to a change in growing conditions. Growing your herbs from seed is incredibly easy and can be done on a bright windowsill or with a grow light and with the proper plant care, offering superb flavour to your dishes. Boma specialises in Herb seeds with a massive variety in-store at the garden centre, now available online with nationwide delivery. 

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About Herb Seeds

Herbs are fantastic plants to grow from seed indoors. Not only are they easy to germinate, but if cared for, they will grow into gorgeous aromatic plants that can be used for many household uses. Most herbs can be grown indoors or outdoors here in the UK.  

You can germinate Herb seeds indoors year-round as long as sufficient lighting and temperatures are met. They work well next to a window or under a grow light. In winter, a grow light would be necessary to germinate herb seeds; however, a bright windowsill would be perfect when light levels increase in spring/ summer. 

Boma stocks Herb seeds from Suffolk Herbs that are organically grown and from Thompson & Morgan, producers of high-quality herb seeds. There are varieties for growing indoors and outdoors. High-quality sources such as these, with the proper care, result in plants offering a superb flavour often experienced on the dining tables of fine eating establishments and reminiscent of visits to Italy that have harnessed the art of growing herbs for fine cuisine. 

The Boma Herb Seeds range includes Basil, Borage, Bouquet Dill, Chamomile, Chives, Comfrey, Coriander, Lemon Balm, Mint, Oregano, Parsley, Rocket, Rosemary, Tarragon, Sage, Sorrel, Sweet marjoram, Thyme,  and more, available online and in the garden centre. 
Boma also stocks all the necessary propagation supplies, such as grow boxes, Seed Compost, feed, organic feeds and irrigation equipment. 

Why not try the Boma Herb Starter Bundle Seeds - Herbs Collection with Seed Compost Collection to get you started?