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Basket Plant Pot Covers

Basket plant pot covers are an authentic alternative to ceramic and terracotta. Basket pot covers cannot break if you knock them over. Besides their durability, the designs and styles are fantastic and available in various colours, patterns and sizes. The baskets are often lined with an inner plastic cover to prevent water seepage on the carpet. Made from natural fibre, the baskets are coloured with natural dyes and handwoven. Boma's basket pot covers are handmade by talented African weavers from the 'Basket Room' that sources these handcrafted creations from all around Africa. 

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About Basket Plant Pot Covers

The African baskets Boma stock are genuinely stunning; eye-catching colours and attractive patterns make these baskets one of a kind. The beauty of handmade goods is their ever-so-slight variations; no two baskets are the same.  

By buying a handwoven African basket, you are supporting the weavers directly as they are paid per piece made. Not only are the baskets stunning, but it's important to support ethical and fair-trade businesses where possible. At Boma, we've grouped our baskets into 5 sizes- XS, S, M, L, and XL, all with fixed prices, so there's a basket for every plant size.   

These baskets add a different feel than any of our other pots, with a rustic, earthy vibe and extremely lightweight. 

The 'Basket Room' sources their baskets from all around Africa, where teams of local weavers use several different fibres for their handwoven creations, which include Ilalaa palm, Sisal leaves thread, Raffia (African bamboo), fibrous tree and plant roots like Makenge, vines, leaves, such as Banana and Fan palm, cane, bark wood and Papyrus.

Visit Boma for our comprehensive collection of basket plant pot covers, or get a taste of basket covers from our online shop.