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Basket Plant Pot Covers

Introducing Boma's exquisite range of handmade basket plant pot covers, a unique and sustainable alternative to conventional ceramic and terracotta. These durable, handwoven baskets, sourced from select craftsmen including those from the distinguished 'Basket Room', offer unmatched quality and diversity. Available in various colours, patterns, and sizes, each piece is lined with a protective plastic cover to prevent water damage. Made from natural fibres and coloured with eco-friendly dyes, Boma's basket pot covers not only enhance home décor but also celebrate the rich tradition of African weaving, supporting talented artisans across the continent.

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About Basket Plant Pot Covers

Boma's collection of basket plant pot covers encompasses a blend of global artisanship and ethical trade, with a special emphasis on the African baskets sourced from the 'Basket Room'. These African baskets are not just visually stunning, with their eye-catching colours and attractive patterns, but also a testament to the unique beauty of handmade goods. The subtle variations in each basket ensure that no two are exactly the same, each with its own distinctive charm.

When you purchase one of these handwoven African baskets, you are directly supporting the weavers, as they are paid per piece made. This not only provides you with a beautiful, one-of-a-kind basket but also contributes to ethical and fair-trade practices. At Boma, we believe in the importance of supporting businesses that uphold these values.

Our range includes baskets in five sizes: XS, S, M, L, and XL, all offered at fixed prices. This variety ensures that there is a suitable basket for every plant and space, from the tiniest succulent to larger foliage.

These baskets, especially those from the 'Basket Room', bring a different feel compared to other pots in our collection. They exude a rustic, earthy vibe and are incredibly lightweight, making them both stylish and practical for any setting.

The 'Basket Room' specifically sources its baskets from various regions across Africa. Local weavers use a diverse array of materials, including Ilalaa palm, Sisal leaves thread, Raffia (also known as African bamboo), and various fibrous tree and plant roots like Makenge. Other materials such as vines, leaves (like Banana and Fan palm), cane, bark wood, and Papyrus are also utilized, contributing to the unique texture and appearance of each basket.

In contrast, Boma also stocks baskets from other global artisans, each bringing their unique styles and materials into the mix. This diversity enriches our collection, offering a wider choice for our customers.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive collection at Boma, where you can experience the full range of our basket plant pot covers, including those from the 'Basket Room' and other skilled craftsmen. Our online shop also provides a convenient way to browse and purchase these exquisite pieces.

In summary, Boma's range of basket pot covers is more than just a selection of plant accessories. It's a celebration of global craftsmanship, ethical trade, and unique artistry, with a special highlight on the African baskets from the 'Basket Room', ensuring every purchase not only beautifies your space but also supports a worthwhile cause.