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Evergreen Find Out More

Keeping their leaves all year round, Evergreens are a must in any garden, and a welcome sight in winter, keeping the garden from looking bare. The 'backbone’ of the garden, their foliage comes in a variety of shades, and variegation, with many flowering in season.



Perennial Find Out More

The palette of garden borders, Perennial flowers live for more than two years, some blooming even in winter, many with attractive foliage. Most being herbaceous, they decline in autumn and regrow in spring, with rarities having their leaves year-round.



Climbers & Wall Shrubs Find Out More

Beautify garden fences, walls and sides of buildings; Climbers can adapt to many places, on trellises, mesh, and galvanised wire, superb for privacy, veiling unsightly neighbours. Evergreen varieties keep all or most of their leaves year-round.




An excellent way to display garden colour year-round, flowering shrubs can have eye-catching blooms, some attracting bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Some have scented flowers, while others have superb foliage in autumn. Evergreen shrubs look good all year and can be grown as standalone plants mixed in a shrubbery, around borders, with perennials, annuals and deciduous varieties.


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David Austin Roses

No English garden is truly complete without Roses. Breeding for many decades, David Austin Roses aspire to excellence, aiming to cultivate the perfect Rose. With English Roses, Shrub roses, Climbing roses and Rambling roses, there's a rose for every garden. 


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Herbs Find Out More

There's nothing like cooking with home-grown herbs. Herbs are easy to grow in fertile alkaline, well-drained soil around beds or in pots. They need plenty of sunlight and don't require much fertiliser, which can even reduce the flavour.



Ground Cover Find Out More

Being naturally low-growing plants carpeting an area, Ground Cover plants, are easy to grown, often evergreen, and spread rapidly covering bare soil. Used to fill in gaps along beds, borders, and the base of shrubs, they can complement other plants to great effect. Ground cover is superb for suppressing weeds, acting like mulch, locking soil moisture and nutrients, also preventing soil erosion.


Bamboo & Grasses Find Out More

Creating a wild yet peaceful domain to a garden, Bamboo & Grasses can present an oriental ambience of tranquillity. Bamboo can tolerate extreme weather. If controlled and wisely planned, it can lend landscaping several ideas; along paths, borders, in pots, as patio window displays, and crating Zen-like retreats for a quiet spot after a long day. 


Topiary Find Out More

The art of Living Sculptures has a long history. Topiary is the gardener's artistic skill of clipping and shaping the foliage of evergreen shrubs such as Phillyrea latifolia (Green Olive), Laurus nobilis (Bay), Quercus ilex (Holm Oak), Ligustrum ovalifolium (Privet), Taxus Baccata (Yew) and Elaeagnus umbellata (Oleaster). Personal creativity can shape animals, human forms, and geometric shapes.


Palms & Trees

With thousands of Palms and Trees species from which to choose, it can be daunting deciding on which is best for your garden. Consideration of garden context, height, and location is essential. That's why consulting with a horticulturist before digging a large hole in the lawn is advised. Luckily the Boma has a trained team to help.

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Pond Plants Find Out More

Pools and ponds transform any garden, and aquatic plants that thrive floating in and around them are adorable.  Pond plants are highly decorative and provide cover and shelter for aquatic life, and oxygenating plants keep the water clear. The Boma has a stock of pond plants and a team to advise on the best plants for your garden pond. 


Fruit & Veg Find Out More

If you have a green thumb, nothing beats the satisfaction of a plate of organic fruit and veg grown in your garden. The Boma stocks variety of vegetables, seeds, and fruit trees to start your patch or gracing your garden landscape. Talk to our Horticultural team for further advice. 


Alpine & Rock Plants Find Out More

Rock gardens make an attractive display with small alpine and rock plants. It's easy to set up with a few decorative rocks, also available at the Boma. You'll also need free-draining soil and a selection of sun and shade-loving plants that can be cleverly dispersed, utilising the rockery's natural exposure and shade.