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Handmade Christmas Decorations

Boma’s Handmade Christmas Decorations and Real Pine Christmas Wreaths perfectly complement Real Christmas Trees. Boma Garden Centre offers beautiful handmade decorations for your Christmas tree, including exquisite colourful Christmas lights, hand-painted Christmas baubles, stuffed Christmas animals, bird decorations and Real Pine Christmas Wreaths for your front door, mantlepiece and Christmas Table.


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About Handmade Christmas Decorations

You will need Handmade Christmas Decorations for your tree, natural Pine Christmas Wreaths for your mantlepiece, a front door and a Christmas table. Boma offers a range of ornate handmade decorations made from glass, felt and wood.

Boma’s real Pine Christmas Wreaths come in sizes including 10Inch, 12Inch and 16Inch sizes, ready for decoration.

The garden centre in Kentish Town has a range of themes for Christmas in-store each year. This year there are Woodland Critters, Fuzzy Felt Friends, and Traditional Gold, Red and coloured Glass Baubles. The garden centre is decked out with a range of London Town Pride, Botanical extracts, Feathered Friends, Antarctic Animals and Kitsch.

The Woodland Critters theme includes a range of Toadstools, Felt Robins, Toadstall Fairies, Straw Hedgehogs, Twig Owls, Brown Acorn bundles, Wool Foxes, Frosted Rose-hips and Frosted Blackberries. 

The Fuzzy Felt Friends range contains animals made of colourful felt and wool. The decorations are designed for beautiful animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, mice, reindeer and a cute Santa.  

You can find glass hanging Christmas tree baubles in a host of gorgeous colours, including traditional gold and red, also blues, greens and more.

London Town Pride theme contains a range of typical London icons, including London Buses, Red Post boxes, Black London Cabs, London Big Ben, and Painted London scene baubles.

Botanical extracts are a range of baubles with botanical flower prints. This year’s designs include Toadstools, Folk Flowers, Painted Snowdrops and Robins.   

Feathered Friends is a beautiful range of birds, from tiny clip-on decorations to large, brightly coloured parrots with glittery feathers. The baubles are designed with Parrots and Robins. 

Antarctic Animals include a range of creatures that kids love, including Polar Bears and Penguins.

This year’s Kitsch theme contains Painted glass croissants, Sewing machines, Champagne Bottles, Tins of sardines and Toadstools.