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Christmas Plants & Flowers

Christmas Plants are Boma’s passion during the festive season. Customers’ top picks make the best recommendations for decorating the home during the festive season. Poinsettia, the UK’s favourite Christmas Plant, is in big demand, followed by Christmas Rose (Helleborus), which is the perfect winter plant. Other seasonal favourites include Amaryllis (Hippeastrum), Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera), Cyclamen, and Paper White Narcissus.   Christmas plants make the perfect holiday gifts and are available at Boma Garden Centre, Kentish Town, from 6th December to fully bloom during the Christmas season. Boma now offers Nationwide Delivery (except in Northern Ireland). This year Boma has prepared wonderful ready-to-display Christmas Special Offer Plant Bundles, available online and at the Garden Centre, with Festive Plants and Berries. 


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About Christmas Plants & Flowers

Poinsettia is the UK’s favourite Christmas plant gift, with brightly coloured red bracts bursting in late autumn. Poinsettia last throughout winter. No Christmas table or mantlepiece is complete without a festive Poinsettia! As one of the most popular selling plants during the Christmas season, Boma Garden Centre is an avid fan, stocking the highest quality Poinsettia in London with great obsession. Poinsettia requires only 10 hrs of light a day from September to start their adorable bright red bracts, which Christmas enthusiasts love so much.

Top Poinsettia Care Tips over Christmas

  • Poinsettias are very sensitive to temperature, so keep them away from cold drafts and excessive heat from central heating.

  • Place them in a warm room in indirect light.

  • Keep a constant temperature of between 13-16°C

  • Feel the compost in the top of the pot with your thumb and only water if it feels dry

Christmas Rose is a plant lovers’ favourite during the festive season and throughout winter. Helleborus’ Little Darling’, known as Christmas Rose, is a compact clump-forming perennial with larger-than-average flowers in pure white. Its attractive yellow stamens contrast beautifully against a sea of luscious dark green foliage.

As an outdoor plant that can sit in a container outside the front door, Christmas Rose will bloom throughout the winter and is perfect for tubs and baskets. Boma Garden Centre in Kentish Town stocks many Hellebore colour varieties during the winter season. 

Amaryllis have beautiful large, boldly coloured trumpet flowers that appear from unfurling buds at the beginning of December, making Amaryllis one of the UK’s most popular indoor Christmas plants. Amaryllis is one of the Best Christmas Plant Gifts

Often available as a boxed dormant bulb in the autumn, these are easy to pot on and grow. Place the bulbs in the compost and water thoroughly after potting. When choosing a container, ensure it has adequate drainage holes at the bottom. Dormant-planted bulbs will flower 8 to 10 weeks after planting. Place in a cool dark place until you can see the green shoots appearing from the compost. Then move to a warm light environment with temperatures constantly between a minimum of 10c to 15c.


Top Amaryllis Care Tips

  • Place in a spot with indirect light
  • Let the compost dry out between watering


Indoor Cyclamen persicum will happily thrive in a warm, light spot over winter and provide months of winter colour with their large flame-like flowers that come in various colours: Pink, Purple, White and Red. The flowers contrast perfectly with the intricate heart-shaped leaves with a metallic green appearance.

Top Cyclamen Care Tips

  • Keep Cyclamen in a cool windowsill of bright indirect light.
  • Deadhead the flowers by twisting the flower stems. You must remove the stem from the plants to prevent rot.
  • Keep the plant at a constant minimum temperature of 10° C.