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Real Pine Christmas Wreaths

Dive into the festive spirit with our Real Christmas Wreaths. Sourced from genuine pine, they promise more than just a whiff of the great outdoors. Fresh as a December winter's morning, each wreath's begging for your personal touch (or leave it bare for that minimalist charm). Sizes? Boma stocks a range of sizes, including 30cm, 40cm, and 50cm diameters– perfect for whether you are being shacked up in a country manor or just a cosy flat in London. Make this Christmas special. 

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The Art and Allure of Christmas Wreaths

At the heart of the festive season, Christmas wreaths stand as an emblem of joy, hope, and unity. Their circular design symbolises continuity and endless love, and their verdant appeal adds to the natural charm of any festive decor. But how, you might ask, are these emblems of Yuletide charm crafted?

The making of a Christmas wreath begins with the careful selection of the base materials. Fresh branches of evergreen trees, such as pine or fir, are commonly used. Once the branches are chosen, they are meticulously shaped and bound into a circle, either by wire or other sturdy materials, ensuring they maintain their form while exuding the sweet, comforting aroma of the woods.

Now, where to place this masterpiece? The versatility of a Christmas wreath knows no bounds. They can take pride of place upon the sturdy wooden door, greeting guests with festive flair. When placed atop a fireplace mantlepiece, they become a heartwarming centrepiece, casting warmth even when the fire below isn't lit. And let’s not forget the dining table. When positioned as table decorations, they offer a lush, verdant background against which the golden glimmers of candlelight dance during Christmas feasts.

Of course, the natural charm of the wreath can be enhanced further. Imagine the deep reds of berries juxtaposed against the green, bringing out the season's colours. These add aesthetic appeal and carry symbolic meanings – the red berries are the perfect festive coloured contrast to complement the evergreen branches symbolising Christ's holy eternal life.

Christmas decorations, especially the ones from Boma’s superb range of handmade ornaments, probably one of the best and most comprehensive ranges in North London, if we may say– can be lovingly nestled among the leaves. Think delicate baubles, twinkling fairy lights, or even rustic pine cones. The wreath becomes a canvas, and your imagination, the artist.

Keeping the wreath fresh, especially if you have one crafted from real tree branches, is a touch that requires a tad bit of diligence. Mist it lightly with water every few days, ensuring it remains hydrated. If it’s adorning your door, ensure it's not exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. The cooler the environment, the longer your wreath will retain its freshness.

In essence, Christmas wreaths aren't merely decorative items; they're a blend of tradition, art, and nature. Whether you prefer them as nature-intended or adorned with the likes of Boma’s handcrafted ornaments, they’re a timeless addition to festive decor. And in crafting or choosing one, you’re not just decorating a space; you’re embracing a piece of history, charm, and the very spirit of Christmas.