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Boma Garden Centre is a leading UK specialist in outdoor plants, offering a vast selection to transform any garden. From perennials and bedding plants to garden shrubs and evergreen plants, we've got you covered. Specialized categories include roses, climber plants, herb plants, ferns, and ground cover plants. For an exotic touch, choose from ornamental grasses, olive trees, bay trees, bamboo, palm trees, garden treestopiary and alpines.

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Plants for Outdoors By Type at Boma

Boma Garden Centre stands as a cornerstone in the UK gardening community, recognized for its unparalleled range of outdoor plant types. Nestled in its Kentish Town location, the garden centre is easily accessible to the glorious gardens of North London homes. What's more, Boma now delivers nationwide throughout the UK. Boma has cultivated not just plants but also a reputation for quality, variety, and expert advice. Whether you're a seasoned horticulturist or a weekend gardener, our selection promises something for everyone.

Starting with the basics, our perennial plants offer lasting beauty, returning year after year to provide consistent colour and texture to your garden. For gardeners looking for seasonal pops of colour, our bedding plants are perfect, and easily swapped out as the seasons change. Our garden shrubs offer an enduring backdrop, versatile enough to serve as a focal point or a complementary piece. If it's year-round greenery you seek, our collection of evergreen plants provides a lush, constant presence.

No garden is complete without the specialized touch of unique plants. Our roses are cultivated for robust health and vibrant colour, from classic reds to delicate pastels. The selection of climber plants, including varieties like ivy and clematis, allows you to maximize space and create vertical interest. Herb plants not only add aesthetic appeal but also provide aromatic and culinary delights. Ferns and ground cover plants offer low-maintenance options for those areas that may be hard to reach but still need a touch of nature. For an ornamental flourish, consider integrating our ornamental grasses, which offer eye-catching textures and colours.

For those interested in adding a more exotic or architectural element to their garden, Boma Garden Centre presents an array of special trees and plants. Olive trees and bay trees bring a Mediterranean vibe, perfect for sunny, well-drained spots. Our selection of bamboo offers both clumping and running types, ideal for creating natural screens or focal points. Palm trees provide a tropical flair, instantly transporting you to warmer climes. Our garden trees range from fruit-bearing to purely decorative, offering shade and structure. Last but not least, our topiary alpines add a level of sophistication and artistry to any garden, expertly pruned for aesthetic appeal.

Whether you're designing a brand-new garden or simply looking to refresh your existing space, Boma Garden Centre is your one-stop shop for all outdoor plant needs. With our extensive selection, you're sure to find the perfect plant to complete your outdoor oasis.