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About Elho and Boma

Boma Garden Centre has chosen to work with Elho as the companies have an aligned interest in promoting business and products that care about nature and our environment.  Elho is an eco-friendly Dutch brand that manufactures gardening and plant care products that are beautiful, affordable, practical, and, most of all, are produced with extreme care about the environment. 


Elho's Purpose

The company's purpose is to Learn, Love and Return. Elho encourages people to learn from nature and share knowledge, growing together. The company fosters a love relationship with nature by promoting gardening products that support a healthy relationship with nature in our daily lives. And most essentially, to return the gifts of nature through recycling, repair and reuse. 

Elho Eco-friendly Wind Turbine

Elho uses energy for production that is pure from nature. Literally and figuratively. Elho uses a giant wind turbine to ensure that its plant pots are produced with 100% pure wind energy. 

The garden that situates the wind turbine is also home to 2 million bees which is a significant help to the environment. 

Elho Products

Elho's plant care and gardening products include indoor plant pots, flower pots, gardening planters, watering cans, and rain barrels. 


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