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Bergs Potter

The Bergs Potter Story

Victor Berg founded Bergs Potter in 1942, inheriting a ceramics shop on Rantzausgade, Copenhagen. During the war, Victor, an eager young accountant, wanted to uplift his fellow Copenhageners by adding flowers to his shop, creating a unique combination of fresh foliage and aged ceramics. The shop has thrived ever since.

The business grew over the years, expanding to several shops and the range of pot styles in significant demand. Victor's children, Steffan and Sysser, joined him in the 1950s, adding creative flair to the business and product designs. 

When Victor passed on in the 80s, Steffan and Sysser developed the business further, drawing inspiration from history and archaeology with designs inspired by Scandinavian castles and manor houses. The themes gave birth to the flagship Copenhagen pot, in the mould of royal potters a century before. 

Further ideas stemmed from Tuscany from Italian artisans and additional designs from Denmark. A new generation joined the company in 2012 with Victor Berg Jr and Martin and Frits, family friends, who expanded the company's operations. 

The company's warehouse moved in 2014 to a new location, using an old strawberry farm north of Copenhagen. The company took over an old pub converting it into their new offices. Their beautiful range of authentic terracotta, ceramic pots, and saucers is now famous worldwide and available at Boma Garden Centre, Kentish Town, London. 


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