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The Basket Room

Handwoven Plant Pot Cover Baskets 

African Handwoven Plant Holders from The Basket Room

If you’re looking for exceptional plant-pot holders that are highly decorative and genuinely authentic, check out our handwoven plant holder baskets. 

Hand made by the African startup The Basket Room, these skilled artisans have created an outstanding collection of ornate baskets as plant-pot containers. 

These beautifully stitched baskets come in an array of colours and unique designs incorporating the techniques of weaving, embroidery, and leatherwork. 

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Available at The Boma at the garden centre and the online webshop

  • Superb handcrafted from natural materials
  • An array of sizes and designs
  • Unique, authentic decorative creations 
  • Ideal for the home, office or as a gift
  • Help entrepreneurial causes in Africa