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Ficus are Beautiful Plants – 8 Varieties Perfect for the UK

Ficus are Beautiful Plants – 8 Varieties Perfect for the UK

Ficus are a fantastic group of plants, with such diversity yet still holding on to those classic rubber plant characteristics. They make spectacular indoor plants. Being easy-care impact plants, Ficus can completely transform indoor spaces, withstanding conditions others can’t. Ficus are a Boma favourite for all these reasons, and we stock a wide range in-store and on the webshop.

Ficus is a type of plant comprising around 900 species found in tropical and subtropical regions across the globe. Many of the varieties here in the UK are commonly referred to as Figs. Ficus plants are very common houseplants due to their easy propagation, cultivation, and myriad foliage types. Generally speaking, most of the shrub and tree-type Ficus we see here in the UK love bright sunny conditions and dry between waterings. Humidity is most leafy plants' best friend; however, most Ficus here at Boma aren’t as fussy and can tolerate lesser levels.

Ficus lyrata- Fiddle leaf fig

Ficus Lyrate at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

The classic Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) is known by practically every houseplant owner nationwide- it is a solid plant- with resilient, straightforward care and beautiful architectural foliage. However, they have a very distinctive milky sap which, unfortunately, is toxic to pets, and we recommend that if you get the sap on your skin, try to wash it off as soon as possible. As this plant does grow to enormous sizes, growers have created more dwarfed varieties such as ‘Bambino’, which only reaches around 3ft tall. Here at Boma, Ficus lyrata is one of our specimen plants for impact, size, care requirements and price; this is a knockout plant!

Ficus elastica- Rubber plant

Ficus Elastica at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

Ficus elastica, or the rubber plant, is seen in many indoor settings across the country- from houses to restaurants, offices, and hotels due to its low maintenance and significant impact on nature. The rubber plant is a fantastic houseplant that doesn't require too much attention. Occasionally rotate your plant for even growth all around (if more light is on one side) and clean the leaves of dust for a healthy, happy Ficus. There are several variegated types, such as ‘Tineke’ and ‘Belize’ with cream and pink colouration or ‘Abidjan’, which has very dark glossy foliage. Ficus ‘Melany’ is another stunning variety with deep burgundy-green leaves, narrower in shape than standard F. elastica and a more compact growth habit. In the wild, these plants become gargantuan trees with sprawling woody roots that break through concrete- luckily, your Ficus elastica will only really reach heights of around 10ft.

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Ficus benjamina- Weeping fig

Ficus Benjamina at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

The weeping fig is again a well-known houseplant, usually grown as an indoor tree because of its classic outdoor tree appearance, central woody trunk, heavily branched canopy and numerous dainty leaves. Ficus benjamina comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms, such as mini plants, bush forms and standard trees, making them incredibly diverse as a species. There are countless cultivars of weeping fig, including variegated varieties such as ‘Twilight’ and dark green ‘Danielle’. Ficus benjamina can be a little dramatic sometimes and is known for dropping its leaves when stressed. However, your weeping fig will thrive with sufficient light, warm temperature, adequate humidity, and proper moisture level.

Ficus benghalensis- Banyan tree

Ficus benghalensis at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

This species of Ficus is incredibly popular, mainly sought after for its gorgeous, silvery green foliage with a matt texture and prominent attractive veins. Ficus benghalensis ‘Audry’ is a stunning plant, available in pot sizes from a 6cm mini pot up to a 27cm feature plant. These beauties thrive in a well-lit area, ideally bright sunlight for lush, healthy new growth. Silvery-tinged foliage allows this Ficus plant to withstand brighter light that others cannot– as native to India and Pakistan; they are equipped for intense sunlight beating down upon them. The Banyan tree makes a stylish houseplant with muted tones and slender upright growth, perfect for offices and a focal point of the house.

Ficus microcarpa- Malayan banyan

Ficus Microcarpa Bonzai Ginseng at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

Ficus microcarpa is another widespread plant with many cultivars. This species is rather diverse. Bonsai plants such as Ficus macrocarpa ‘Ginseng’ with fat stunted stems in funky gnarled shapes and dark green glossy foliage. These plants are prevalent– known air purifiers and considered good luck in feng shui. Another variety seen at Boma is Ficus microcarpa ‘Moclame’, which looks very different to other Ficus plants but still showcases that classic fig charm. This cultivar is a real treat with gorgeous fresh green foliage, oval shape, thick and waxy texture, and a bush-forming habit. Like many other Ficus varieties, ‘Moclame’ can tolerate bright light and partial shade and likes to be left on the dryer side of moist, especially over winter.

Ficus binnendijkii- Narrow leaf fig - Amstel king

Ficus binnendijkii Amstal King at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

Perhaps a slightly lesser-known Ficus variety, the narrow leaf fig makes a great fuss-free houseplant. Abundant elongated narrow foliage makes this variety very attractive, with Ficus binnendijkii ‘Amstel King’ being the most widely available. This evergreen tree can reach heights of around 3m kept indoors in the UK and can be easily pruned back to curtail its growth. Keep in a bright spot for healthy, lush new growth and water sparingly; be sure not to keep moving this Ficus as they can drop leaves if their environment fluctuates too much. ‘Amstel King’ makes an excellent easy-care houseplant that doubles up as an air purifying variety.

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Ficus Plants online. We have more Ficus plants at the Boma garden centre. 

Ficus pumila- Creeping fig

Ficus pumila Creeping Fig at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

The creeping fig is unlike any other mentioned. With most other Ficus species reaching towering heights with immense lush foliage, this species is an exception. Ficus pumila, more commonly known as the creeping or climbing fig, is a beneficial variety. Especially in warmer parts of the world, they think of it as the East Asian ivy, used for ground cover and screening large areas of walls and fencing. Ficus pumila grows rampant in warm, wet, and bright conditions, so it makes excellent terrarium plants here in the UK– they will do just fine in a bright indirect spot of the house. Just ensure not to place them near an open heat source, as this will frazzle your plant! Ficus pumila ‘Variegata’ is a gorgeous variety with pure white leaf margins and vibrant green centres, the perfect trailing plant for a bright spot.

Ficus umbellata- Umbrella tree fig

Ficus Umbellata at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

Ficus umbellata is a majestic plant- with enormous swooping leaves, emerald colour, and tall, slender stems. This species is a true beauty. Native to the tropics of Africa, the umbrella fig tree thrives, in bright indirect light, a pleasant humid environment of between 50-70% and free draining soil that allows the plant to dry between waterings. The main concern with Ficus umbellata is to keep their immaculate foliage blemish free. Their leaves are incredibly fragile and can tear easily, so be sure to find a safe space for your umbrella fig.

Visit the Boma Webshop to browse the Ficus plants we have in stock. We receive new varieties every week. Feel free to contact Boma’s indoor plant specialists to find out which Ficus varieties are suited to your home or office and how to care for these beautiful plants.

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