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Foliage Find Out More

Indoor foliage plants are often from tropical or arid regions and need to adapt to urban indoor life. It's good to know the plant's native environment and hence the right place next to a windowsill or in the shade. Foliage plants are grown primarily for their great looking leaves rather than flowers. Common foliage plants are Areca Palm, Spider plants, Dracaena, Ficus, Calathea, Monstera, Rubber Plants and Fiddle Leaf, but to name just a few of the many options.


Flowering Plants Find Out More

There are many colourful, inexpensive indoor flowering plants that bloom for long periods, some that are better by the windowsill. It's advisable to buy mature plants unless you're blessed with infinite patients. To name a few from the Boma's stock: Hoya Carnosa, Anthurium, Gloxinia, Poinsettia, Hydrangeas, Christmas cactus, Cyclamen, Amaryllis, Phalenopsis Orchid, African violetKalanchoe, Hibiscus, Peace lily, Clivia, Cape primrose, and Flowering maple.



Cacti & Succulents Find Out More

A notable feature of cacti and succulents is the ability to store water in the leaves or stems. They both originate in arid climates, requiring the same growing conditions, with cacti having the presence of areoles that present spines. Aloe Vera, Crown of Thorns, Echeveria Laui, Ghost Plant, Flaming Katy, Common Houseleek, Living Stone, Angel Wings, Rat Tail, African Milk Tree, Saguaro, Old Lady, Bishop's Cat, and Christmas Cactus, are just some of the succulents and cacti available at the Boma. 


Indoor Hanging Plants

Indoor hanging plants are more popular than ever, especially when rooms are being squeezed for floor space and the only direction to go is up.  Beyond utilising space, hanging plants are aesthetically pleasing. They purify the air, uplift the ambience of the room and lend a natural organic appeal. Placing a plant at eye level makes you happy. Arrowhead Plant (Syngonium podophyllum), Bird's Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus), Boston Fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), Burro's Tail (Sedum morganianum), Chenille Plant (Acalypha hispida), Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum), English Ivy (Hedera helix), and Maidenhair Fern (Adiantum) are just some of the hanging plants available at the Boma. 

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Jungle Plants

Living in the bush

Probably the most popular indoor plant types are Jungle Plants. You can find Monstera Deliciosa in many households, or one of its cousins, Thai constellation or Monstera Anansonii.

Other popular jungle plants are Sanseveria Trifasciata, Ficus Elastica Rhaphidophora Tetraperma, Ludisia Macodes Petola, Philodendron Gloriosum.

Also, Epipremnum Aureum, Alocasia Macrorrhizos, Schefflera Nora, Euphorbia Ingens, Calathea Orbifolia and Strelitzia Reginae. To see our full range of jungle plants visit the Boma.  

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Mini Plants Find Out More

A complimentary addition to large and medium indoor plants are mini plants, that can sit on a shelf, side table, office desk and for sure a windowsill. Besides being less expensive, they can increase variety and colour. The big advantage is they don't take up much space. 


Air Purifying Plants Find Out More

A seemingly impossible task to tackle climate change, taking a personal responsibility to improve air pollution is easier than imagined. One way is to add air Purifying Plants to your home and office.  These plants work through photosynthesis, converting carbon dioxide into fresh oxygen, also remove toxins, including cancer-causing compounds. Calathea is a superb air purifier.


Indoor Trees Find Out More

As a central feature for any room, indoor trees can anchor a room's ambience and set a relaxed mood. Besides being great air purifiers, they complement surrounding furniture with a living element. It helps to consider the maximum tree height in the context of ceiling space. There's a large selection of trees suited to homes and offices at the Boma. For more advice, ask the team. 


Climbing plants Find Out More

A popular plant type to consider is indoor climbing plants; a popular choice there are many from which to choose. Climbing indoor vines work well and, with the right conditions, can grow without hindrance, confined only by the surrounding space. They will need pruning and training along a coir pole or trellis. Climbers also work in hanging baskets, left for their leaves to trail downward.


Rare & Unusual Plants

If you're looking for something different that you won't find in most plant-loving households, try our stock of Rare & Unusual plants.
Some require a little more care and others and require moderate to advanced care, as is probably why they're not cultivated on mass. Philodendron erubescens 'Pink Princess', Philodendron verruscosum, Anthurium clarinervium, Maranta leuconeura, and Philodendron melanochrysum are but a few of the rare and unusual specimens available at The Boma. 

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