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Fussfree plants to rejuvenate the home

The Boma team picked out 8 easy-care indoor plants that won't require pain killers. 

  • Pilea Peperomioides

  • Ceropegia Woodii

  • Anthurium 'Pink Champion

  • Syngonium Arrow

  • Maranta 'Fascinator'

  • Zamioculcas zamiifolia

  • Aloe Vera

  • Sansevieria 'Black Superba'


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Pilea Peperomioides Find Out More

Originating from China, Pilea peperomioides brings good luck, fortune and abundance to its owner. Given this, it's no surprise it's most commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant. Widely known and loved across the globe for being a resilient yet adorable houseplant that adds a splash of green to any room.


Ceropegia Woodii Find Out More

Commonly known as String of Hearts, Ceropegia Woodii is a popular houseplant due to its stylish, elegant foliage and easy care. Ceropegia woodii is a South African native who gives a good indication of the requirements for optimum growth- lots of sunlight and minimal water.


Anthurium 'Pink Champion Find Out More

A popular house plant here in the UK, Anthurium 'Pink Champion' is a beautiful, in-your-face variety that brings life and colour to a well-lit room. This Anthurium is super easy to look after. Water regularly and deadhead the flowers once they decline. Feed them in the summer months when light levels are higher to help them re-flower.


Syngonium Arrow Find Out More

What a fantastic plant! Syngonium are the perfect houseplant for both the enthusiastic and lax plant parents as they can tolerate a wide range of water levels. Syngonium are commonly known as arrowhead plants due to their forked foliage. They're also known for their resilience when it comes to low light levels, perfect for rooms without natural light/ basement flats.



A beautiful plant is like having a friend around the house.

— Beth Ditto



Maranta 'Fascinator' Find Out More

A family favourite when it comes to shade-loving plants, also known as the Prayer plant, Maranta 'Fascinator' not only possess beautiful tricolour foliage and dainty white flowers, but it has the talent of responding to light, opening and closing its leaves in response to light conditions (photonastic movement). The Prayer plant is a great houseplant, needing little care.


Zamioculcas zamiifolia Find Out More

Commonly called the ZZ plant or aroid palm, Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is native to Eastern Africa. It usually grows to around 3' as a stemless evergreen, having attractive, lush leaves rising from its roots. ZZ can thrive in low to bright indirect light. So no problem even if you forget to water, which it only needs when it's fully dry.


Aloe Vera Find Out More

As a succulent, more famous for its restorative gel, Aloe vera store water in their leaves. So remember that before overwatering them, they only require when the top few centimetres of compost is dry. Make sure you let the water drain away entirely to avoid root rot. Aloe Vera doesn't require much attention.


Sansevieria 'Black Superba' Find Out More

The Snake plant is a staple houseplant. Perfect for beginners/ relaxed plant owners or those with a busy, plant unfriendly lifestyle. Sansevieria need very little care or maintenance; everything we would class as neglect regarding plant care is pretty much ideal when it comes to this hardcore plant. The Snake plant is also an air purifying plant, great for a shady spot where it will look fabulous.


Like us, plants need food to grow and stay healthy. They get most of their nutrients from the soil, but houseplants grown in pots will quickly use up all the nutrients in fresh compost. So to keep your houseplants healthy and to look good, it’s important to feed them regularly


With big glossy green leaves, avocado trees make surprisingly good houseplants, and they’re easy to grow from an avocado stone. Why not pick up a fresh avocado from the supermarket and give it a go? 


If you want fresh flowers in your home all year round, flowering houseplants are the answer. Many flowers for months in summer, and there are even houseplants that flower in the middle of winter. Here are four of our favourite flowering houseplants: