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Easy plants without the fuss

Learn about plants that won't give you a headache

We've selected easy-to-manage popular plants that will uplift and decorate your home or office. Talk to the Boma team for tips on choosing plants suited to the light conditions in your home and when to feed, water and mist.

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Looking for something particular?

Explore indoor plants by type

Whether you're a plant expert or novice, we've grouped indoor plants to make it easier to plan your home or office. 
The Boma indoor plants cover foliage, flowering plants, cacti & succulents, hanging and jungle plants. 
If you're looking for something special, we also have rare & unusual plants, mini plants, air purifying, indoor trees, and climbers.

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Something small for the kitchen?

Search for indoor plants by size

From mini cacti to tool indoor trees, browse indoor plants by their size range. We've made it easier, with tiny, small, medium and tall plant categories.

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Or alluring for the bedroom

Inspirational plant ideas for rooms around the home

What's good for the kitchen might not be for the bedside. 

Have you ever rolled over on a cactus?


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Bright Windowsill?

Plants for different light conditions


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Feature plants for the home & office


Find a Big Mama

What about Alfie?

Plants that are pet friendly


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