Are you potty about your plants?

Caring about plants also means choosing a suitable pot or planter.
The right pot will complement the plant's characteristics and features.
What's more, you're giving your plant the respect it deserves. 
The Boma specialises in a large stock of indoor and outdoor pots and planters. 


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Indoor Plant Pot Covers

Looking for pot covers for your houseplants?

At the Boma, we have a large selection of pot covers for indoor plants.

Indoor pots can be highly decorative and available in ceramic, concrete, plastic and an array of shapes and colours. Being covers, they are without a bottom drainage hole to prevent water seepage.

The plastic plant pot (with a drainage hole) sits inside the cover. Sizes range from 7cm in diameter and can reach up to 40cm. 

You can browse some of our indoor pots covers online, or better still, see for yourself at the Boma. 

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Handwoven Plant Pot Cover Baskets 

African Handwoven Plant Holders from The Basket Room

If you’re looking for exceptional plant-pot holders that are highly decorative and genuinely authentic, check out our handwoven plant holder baskets. 

Hand made by the African startup The Basket Room, these skilled artisans have created an outstanding collection of ornate baskets as plant-pot containers. 

These beautifully stitched baskets come in an array of colours and unique designs incorporating the techniques of weaving, embroidery, and leatherwork. 

Available at The Boma at the garden centre and the online webshop

  • Superb handcrafted from natural materials
  • An array of sizes and designs
  • Unique, authentic decorative creations 
  • Ideal for the home, office or as a gift
  • Help entrepreneurial causes in Africa

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Handmade Terracotta Pots

All our handmade terracotta pots are crafted individually. Terracotta is an ideal material for planting as it has a natural appearance and is environmentally friendly.

What's more, the aesthetic characteristics of terracotta improves with age, passed down between generations for years to come.  Their authenticity comes from being handcrafted before being kiln-fired to high temperatures for optimal strength and frost resistance.

At the garden centre, The Boma has a variety of uniquely embossed designs, in an array of sizes, also available online.

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Machine-made Terracotta Pots

As an affordable option for natural-looking, environmentally-friendly outdoor plant pots, Machine-made Terracotta Pots are ideal for outdoor gardens and patios. They are also steadier and more readily available, being easily replaceable. Especially handy for repotting as plants grow in size. 

Being outdoor plant-pots, they are frost-resistant and available in various sizes, with matching saucers. The Boma has stocks of all sizes, being very popular with the gardening community. 

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Polystone Pots & Planters

Favoured for their patina and lightweight material, polystone plant pots are made from a porous compound of polyurethane resin, fibreglass and powdered granite. 
Being stylish and versatile, polystone comes in various conical, round and rectangular shapes in 20-70cm sizes.

Polystone can be left to fade over time for an authentic look. Also available is a wax sealant to restore the original finish.

Not having a drainage hole, Polystone can be used indoors as a container for plastic pots. Alternatively, the Boma can drill a drainage hole for direct planting.  

  • Versatility  Ideal for indoors and outdoor, with drillable drainage
  • Robust Compound Dense resin, fibreglass & powdered granite
  • Resistant  Frostproof. Resists UV, stains, mould, mildew, & sea-salt
  • Optional Wax Sealant for restorative maintenance. 


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Glazed Outdoor Pots

An outstanding feature of prize gardens and patios is handmade Glazed Outdoor Pots, which complement plants and add a splash of colour and the sparkle of reflective light. 

Glazed pots are robust with dense walls,  and kiln-fired twice. All are frost resistant and come with a drainage hole for direct planting.

The glazes come in unique patterns and an array of colours such as sea-green Celedon and Royal blue. The pots have matching optional saucers and are available in sizes from 22-62cm.

Check out our glazed outdoor pots online, or better still, pop into the Boma. 


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Lightweight Pots & Planters

Our stylish Lightweight Series, ideal for gardens and patios, offers pots and planters with a contemporary yet rustic appeal. 

Made from frost-resistant reinforced fibre clay composite stone, they are easily transportable and suited to all weather conditions, even extreme. 

The series is handcrafted, lightweight yet robust, with unique ribbed and vintage designs with natural scuffs and minor chips for an authentic appeal.


  • Quality Robust frost-resistant reinforced stone for all weathers
  • Handcrafted Including unique contemporary and vintage finishes
  • Lightweight Made from lightweight stone for easy transportation
  • Drainage Comes with a drainage hole for direct planting
  • Range of Sizes from 24cm to 54 cm diameters


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Eco-friendly Plastic Plant Pots

Among The Boma, favourites are our environmentally-friendly plastic plant pot series. Loved for being affordable and simple, these contemporary stylish, lightweight plastic pots and planters are available for house plants and the outdoors. 

What's more, they are environmentally friendly. 85% of the materials are recycled plastics, made with 100% wind energy and 100% recyclable. 

The series is available in a selection of smooth and ribbed designs, including wall planters, hanging pots, and ground pots with matching trays. Available in mix and match colours and several sizes. 

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