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Pot-Grown Christmas Trees

Pot-grown Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees are trending in popularity. Nordmann trees have a fantastic shape and delicate fragrance. Keeping the living Christmas Tree in its growing medium retains its natural beauty throughout the season. Pot-grown Christmas trees minimise the risk of needles falling from the tree, especially if you keep them away from a heating element. Nordmann Firs have evenly-spaced branches offering a full display, ideal for hanging Christmas decorations. That’s why London Gardeners adore Pot-Grown Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees. London Local Delivery is available until 22nd December for the following postcodes: E8, EC1, EC2, EC2, EC4, N1, N10, N16, N19, N2, N22, N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, NW1, NW11, NW3, NW5, NW6, NW8, SE1, SW1, W1, W2, W8, W9, WC1, WC2


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About Pot-Grown Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

When the Christmas season starts, bring your Pot-Grown Christmas Tree from the outdoor freshness into the warmth of your home for the festive season. Once the holiday season is over, you can transfer it back to the garden.

Pot Grown Christmas Trees have the added benefit of providing a living tree in your Christmas home. What’s lovely about Pot Grown Christmas trees is that you can enjoy them for generations to come, passed down from parents to children for years of festive memories.

Boma Garden Centre has a large stock of Nordmann Pot Grown Christmas trees starting from  50-60cm (1.6-1.97ft) and ranging in sizes 60-80cm (1.97-2.62ft), 80-100cm (2.62-3.28ft),  100-125cm (3.28-4.10ft), 125-150cm (4.10-4.92ft) and the largest being 150-175cm (4.92- 5.74ft).

Pot-Grown Christmas Trees are also available for nationwide delivery throughout the UK in the starting size ranges:  50-60cm (1.6-1.97ft), 60-80cm (1.97-2.62ft), and 80-100cm (2.62-3.28ft).

You can order Pot-Grown Nordmann Fir Christmas trees. The trees are available for collection or London local delivery until 22nd December (whilst stocks last).