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Rosa 'Golden Celebration' (Pot Size 6L) David Austin Roses

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  • Rich yellow scented blooms, in plentiful supply, in your garden all summer long

  • Eye catching attention seeking rose in vibrant shade of rich yellow

  • Compact growth habit with good disease resistance

  • Ideal for using as a Hedge or screening

  • The strong scent has hints of soft floral Tea and pure lemon

  • Strong fragrance of Sauternes wine and strawberry

  • Perfect rose for celebrating a 50th Golden Weddings Anniversary

  • This variety prefers being grown in full sun

Luscious rosettes of glowing yellow petals make up the sizeable blooms of 'Golden Celebration'. A great repeat flowering rose that can be used in a mixed border or even in containers. A strong fragrant of soft floral Tea and pure lemon eludes from this rose all summer filling the air around with warm summer memories. Ideal for a traditional cottage garden. Will flower in your garden all the way through till the first frosts. Ideal as a cut flower on your dining room table. This rose will form an upright compact bush in your garden at home. Breed by David Austin in 1992

Planting Guide

Before planting your David Austin rose, you need to water it thoroughly. Next, use a fork and loosen the soil structure in preparation for digging a hole. Use a garden spade to dig a hole roughly twice the size and depth of the pot's container. Next, fill the bottom third of the planting hole with SylvaGrow Organic Farmyard Manure. Next places a small handful of Mycorrhiza fungi in the bottom of the planting hole. This will aid the plant's root development as the plant establishes. Next, remove your rose from the pot and start to tease the roots out from the root ball. After this place the rose into the planting hole. Make sure the rootstock of the rose is planted slightly lower than it was in its original pot. This will help stop as much suckering growth from appearing from the rootstock of the rose. Once in the final planting position backfill the hole with a mixture of SylvaGrow manure and soil. Be careful to remove large clogs or rubbly from the soil place around the rose. Finally, firm the soil around the base of the rose and water once finished.
Roses can be mulched after planting to keep weeds down. The Boma recommends using a thick mulch of SylvaGrow Organic Farmyard Manure around the rose after planting. Do not mulch roses with composted bark as this can absorb nutrients from the soil competing with the rose plant

Plant Care


Reduce the height of roses to reduce wind rock on the rootstock in early winter. Remove all foliage to prevent leaf diseases from passing onto next year’s leaves. From the base of the plant collect all leaves and debris on the soil surface and discard them. Supporting large roses with canes to prevent wind rock on the rootstock is also a good idea.


In spring, look at plant shape as a general rule of pruning cut-out plant stems that are: Dead, Diseased, Crossing Congested, or Weak. The process of pruning roses is to create an open shaped plant with a strong structure that can support the weight of lots of blooms. A rose’s natural form, if left unpruned can become leggy with woody brittle stems over time. Pruning encourages new growth, compact habit, and prolific flowering. Always prune with a slanted cut just above an outward-facing leaf bud. To maintain the current height of your rose, prune back the stems by 1/3 of the total height. To reduce the height of older shrub David Austin roses prune back rose stems by half


Deadhead throughout the summer to encourage more flowers foliar feed of seaweed in a spray applied to the roses to help keep your rose in optimum health


Remove all dead flower heads from your rose in late autumn. Any stem that dies back over summer should always be pruned back to white pith in the stem centre. Look at the centre of the plant and see if congested stems need to be thinned out to allow better airflow around the plant. Airflow around the centre of the plant is vital to help control leaf diseases such as mildew and blackspot

  • EAN code
  • Brand
    David Austin Roses
  • Ultimate Height
    120cm (47.2In)
  • Ultimate Spread
  • Flower Colour
  • Foliage Colour
  • Scent
  • Sunlight
    Full Sun
  • Care Guide
  • Growth Rate
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Award of Garden Merit
  • Bee Friendly
  • Pet Friendly
  • Child Friendly
  • Soil PH
  • Pot Size Litre

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Zone1: England, Wales & Scotland (excluding Highlands & Islands) £9.99

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Instructions for Returning Products you Ordered

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To expedite your return, please provide the following information:


  • The invoice number: You can find this in the email you received when placing the order.
  • The name of the product
  • A photograph (If damaged or defective)


How to Prepare Your Return

Please pack the product in its original packaging and include the invoice for our reference. We cannot accept plants that are not in their original pots.

Please use the shipping label we provide you by email and drop off the package at your nearest DHL collection point.


We cannot accept products sent by non-approved third party courier services.


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David Austin Roses are hand-grown, which has been the way since the company's inception. Expert rose cultivators hand-bud the plants using traditional and specific methods each year.

Setting out to create beautiful breeds of roses in the early 1950s, David Austin spent decades raising award-winning specimens that has become an art as much as a science.

Many of the beautiful blooms have wonderful fragrances, grown in the form of shrubs climbers and hybrids.

No brand beats the excellence of David Austin roses for sheer beauty, vitality and fragrance.

David Austin Roses
Located in Kentish Town, London, Boma garden centre is proud of its vision to transform the city into an urban paradise. The garden centre has created a plant lover's paradise, a place where you can relax, unwind and de-stress among the foliage and flowers. The Webshop makes it easier to order online if you can't get to the garden centre, with nationwide delivery. But we encourage plant lovers to pop in for a visit and chat with the team. 



Creating an urban paradise

Our dream is to transform urban living into a plant lovers' paradise. Making our neighbourhoods a wonderful place is good for our wellbeing and more friendly to the environment. A shared vision that gets us out of bed in the morning.


We've curated a botanical sanctuary

Our team of horticulturists planned our garden centre to show plants in their natural habitat, with inspirational displays. Looking for plants is like taking a walk in a botanical sanctuary.
And for those that consider our canine friends an essential part of life, bring your best mate along. Hopefully, they'll get along with our house cat Blue Bell.


It so happens we stock some fabulous plants

Our garden centre specialises in rare specimen plants beyond the common garden varieties. We also stock everything you need to cultivate your dream garden, home and office, with the largest range of plants, pots and containers in North London. Apparently, visitors consider us  The gardener's garden centre.


Buy Rosa 'Golden Celebration' (Pot Size 6L) David Austin Roses at The Boma Garden Centre in Kentish Town, London. Visit our garden centre in London and check our wide range of plants & gardening products. We also offer many other David Austin Roses products in our webshop. We look forward to seeing you soon!