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May Gardening Tips in Preparation for Your Summer Garden

May Gardening Tips in Preparation for Your Summer Garden

May is an enchanting month in the garden. As the last vestiges of spring give way to the burgeoning warmth of approaching summer, your garden requires some special attention to thrive. At Boma Garden Centre, we understand the nuances of garden care during this transitional period. Here's our expert guide to keeping your garden vibrant and healthy in May.

1. Assess and Prepare Your Soil
Start the month by assessing your garden's soil condition. After the long winter, soils can be compacted and depleted of nutrients. Loosen the soil with a fork and add a layer of nutrient-rich compost. Compost not only improves soil structure and drainage but also provides essential nutrients that are vital for plant growth. You can find high-quality compost at Boma Garden Centre, ideal for giving your plants the best start.


Osteospermum at Boma Garden Centre in Kentish Town London

2. Plant Summer Bedding Plants
With the risk of frost almost gone, May is the perfect time to plant summer bedding plants. Choose vibrant petunias, marigolds, and geraniums to add a splash of colour to your garden. Plant them in well-prepared beds, pots, or hanging baskets, ensuring they are well spaced to allow for growth and air circulation.

15 garden tips for May

3. Prune Spring Flowering Shrubs
Once your spring-flowering shrubs like Forsythia and Rhododendron have finished blooming, it’s time to give them a prune. Cutting back the spent flowers and any wayward branches encourages healthy growth and shapes the plant for the coming months.

4. Stay on Top of Weeding
Regular weeding is crucial in May as the warmer weather also encourages weeds to sprout. Keep on top of weeding to prevent them from taking valuable nutrients away from your plants. Using a hoe can make this task easier, allowing you to disturb the soil and remove weeds before they establish.

5. Support Climbing Plants
Climbing plants like clematis, sweet peas, and climbing roses will be starting to grow vigorously. Provide support with trellises or stakes to help them grow upwards and prevent damage from strong winds. This also helps to maintain a tidy appearance and maximises flowering potential.

6. Install an Irrigation System
To prepare for the hot summer months, consider installing an irrigation system. Gardena irrigation systems, available at Boma Garden Centre, offer a hassle-free way to ensure your plants are consistently watered, even in your absence. These systems can be tailored to your garden's needs, promoting water conservation and plant health.

7. Feed Your Plants
Feed your plants with a balanced fertiliser to promote healthy growth and abundant blooms. Pay special attention to container plants as they can quickly exhaust the nutrients available in their soil. A slow-release fertiliser can be particularly effective, providing steady nutrients over time.

8. Protect Young Plants from Pests
As young plants are particularly vulnerable to pests, regular checks are essential. Keep an eye out for slugs, snails, and aphid infestations. Boma Garden Centre stocks a range of environmentally friendly pest control options to keep your garden healthy and thriving without harming the ecosystem.

9. Harvest Early Crops
For herb and vegetable gardeners. In May, you can immediately start picking from the herb planters that can be harvested throughout summer for cooking. It is time for vegetable gardeners to start harvesting early crops such as lettuce, radish, and early potatoes. Regular harvesting yields delicious, fresh produce and stimulates further growth.

10. Regular Maintenance
Finally, regular maintenance, such as mowing the lawn, edging borders, and checking for plant diseases, will keep your garden looking great and functioning well.

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