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Boma's 15 Autumn Gardening Ideas

Boma's 15 Autumn Gardening Ideas

As the old Blighty's foliage turns to its signature autumnal hues and the kettle's on just a tad more frequently, Boma serves up a rich brew of gardening ideas. As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing—and the same can be said for gardens! Dress yours right this Autumn:

Let's do it!

  1. Majestic Laurus nobilis Bay Trees: Not just any tree, mind you. Plant Bay trees. These chaps spice up the patio with lollipop, spiral and pyramid designs and are a superb culinary addition to the kitchen. A tree with unmistakably British charisma!

  2. General Garden Tidying: Before the winter rains truly set in, give your garden a proper once-over. Sweep up those fallen leaves and pop them in a compost heap rather than chucking them in the bin. Waste not, want not.

    Laurus nobilis Bay Trees at Boma Garden Centre
  3. Planting Spring Bulbs: Just as you swap your summer linens for cosy knits, it's time to plan next year's garden. Autumn is the time to plant Daffodils, Hyacinths, Alliums, Fritillaria, Iris, Muscari, crocuses and, later in the season, Tulips. Preparing Lesagne planters with bulbs of your favourite spring flowers is super fun with the kids. 
  4. Ornamental Grasses' Dance: There's nothing quite as British as a garden that rustles! Ornamental grasses add that lovely whispering sound whenever the wind gives them a nudge. They're not just talk; they're about the drama, too, with their splendid textures and heights.
  1. Greenhouse Grooming: A tad of housekeeping is in order. As the days get shorter, wash off that shading paint from the greenhouse windows. We need all the sunlight we can get! And as for any lurking pests, show them the door.

    Ornamental Grasses at Boma Garden Centre

  2. Lawn Love: Think of it as a cuppa for your lawn. Aerate, scarify and lavish it with a potassium-rich feed. It'll thank you by looking like the winner of the RHS's lawn-of the-year award.
  3. Preparing for Jack Frost's Visit: We all know he's coming round. Move those delicate plants to a cosier spot. For the brave ones staying outdoors, a nice wrap of horticultural fleece should keep them snug.
  4. Deadheading and Pruning: Deadhead your flowers to keep things looking neat and tidy. As for summer raspberries, a little prune will have them ready for their next performance.
  5. Hydration Matters: Those camellias and rhododendrons? They're dreaming of their spring debut. Keep their dreams alive and their roots moist.
  6. Safety First by the Pond: As leaves tumble, they have a tendency to go for a dip in your pond. Regularly net them out to keep your aquatic pals and plants in a good mood.
  7. Inspect the Garden Infrastructure: Check your fences, gates, trellises, and planters—even that shed where you secretly enjoy a bicky. A bit of repair now could save a whole crumble later.

Garden Planters at Boma Garden Centre


  1. Divide and Rule: Some plants, like those tenacious hostas, just can't be contained. Autumn is a splendid time to divide them, gifting you with more plants. More plants mean more gardening; how glorious!

  2. Caring for the Buds: Hydrate plants that are budding in anticipation of their grand spring reveal. An encore presentation requires careful prep in the wings (or, in this case, in the buds).
  3. Dig Up Those Potatoes: Enlist the kids; they'll think it's a treasure hunt. After digging, let them bask in the sun a bit before storing. Remember, they're not sunbathing too long—just drying.
  4. Anticipate with Boma: Use the autumnal downtime to dream a little. Explore Boma's range of seeds, plants, and tools. After all, an English garden's best accessory is its visionary gardener.

So, fellow plant lovers, as you roll up your sleeves this Autumn, remember Boma has got your back. And for those residing outside Kentish Town, fret not. Our nationwide delivery ensures that every corner of our lovely island can enjoy a Boma-touched garden. Cheers!

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