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Your Guide to Planters, Window Boxes: Making the most of Moisture Control Compost

Your Guide to Planters, Window Boxes: Making the most of Moisture Control Compost

Planters and window boxes are like blank canvases for your gardening creativity. They allow you to bring vibrant life to balconies, patios, doorways, and windowsills, adding a touch of colour and personality to your outdoor space. However, keeping plants thriving in containers can be a challenge, especially during hot, dry summers. Here, we'll delve into the fascinating world of planters and window boxes, exploring different materials, styles, and a secret weapon for keeping your plants happy and healthy: Moisture Control Compost.

A World of Planters: Choosing the Perfect Pot

The material and style of your planter play a crucial role not only in aesthetics but also in plant health. Let's explore some popular options:

  • Aged Terracotta Planters: These classic beauties are a timeless choice. Terracotta is naturally porous, allowing for good drainage and air circulation, crucial for healthy roots. However, use moisture control compost to ensure they don't dry out quickly in hot weather.

    Terracotta Planters at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

    Aged Terracotta Planter

  • Whitewashed Planters: Reminiscent of Mediterranean landscapes and urban gardens, these charming planters offer the breathability of terracotta with a touch of rustic elegance. Whitewash can help reflect sunlight, preventing the planter from overheating.

    Whitewash Terracotta Handmade Belly Rim Stretched Planter (D34cm x H40cm) Outdoor Plant Pot - image 5

    Whitewashed Planter

  • Colourful Glazed Planters: Add a pop of colour to your space with vibrant glazed planters. Glazed planters are robust; double-kiln fired in terracotta, with drainage holes to prevent waterlogging. They tend to retain moisture better than terracotta, making them a good choice for sunnier spots.

    Glazed Terracotta Planters at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

    Colourful Glazed Planter

  • Antique Stone Planters:Imbue your garden with a touch of history with antique stone planters . These heavyweights offer excellent stability and a timeless aesthetic. However, they can be expensive and susceptible to cracking in harsh winters.

    Stone Planters at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

    Antique Stone Planter

  • Polystone Planters:Lightweight and weather-resistant, polystone planters offer a modern, sleek look. They come in various colours and styles, mimicking the look of natural materials like stone or terracotta.

    Polystone Cache Outdoor Pot D33cm x H29cm - image 2

    Polystone Planter

  • Fibreclay Planters:These durable planters are a popular choice for larger plants or trees. They offer good drainage and a classic aesthetic that blends seamlessly with various garden styles.

    Linea Trough Black L58cm x W17cm x H18cm - image 5

    Fibreclay Planter

Troughs and Window Boxes:

For creating linear displays on balconies or windowsills, troughs and window boxes are ideal options. They come in various materials like terracotta, plastic, and metal. While terracotta offers classic beauty, plastic window boxes are lightweight and low-maintenance. However, ensure they have drainage holes. Terracotta window boxes provide good drainage and a rustic look, and can look stunning on a windowsill.

Vigga Trough Balcony Planter - Rustic Brown - 50cm - image 1

Metal Window Box

Handmade Planters at Boma Garden Centre:

Boasting one of the best selections in London, Boma Garden Centre offers a stunning array of handmade planters. From classic terracotta to unique, glazed designs, we have a planter to suit every taste and garden style.

The Power of Placement: Selecting the Right Spot for Your Planters

Once you've chosen your planters, consider the placement. Here are some key factors:

  • Sun Exposure: Match your plants' light requirements to the location. Full sun plants like lavender or rosemary will thrive in south-facing spots, while shade-loving ferns and hostas prefer north-facing areas.

  • Wind Protection: Strong winds can dry out plants. Consider placing planters in sheltered areas, especially for smaller plants.

  • Watering Convenience: Locate your planters where you can easily access them for watering.

Keeping Plants Thriving in Containers: The Magic of Moisture Control Compost

Now, let's address the critical element of keeping your potted plants happy, especially during hot summer months: Moisture Control Compost.

Traditional compost can dry out quickly in containers, leading to wilting and stressed plants. Here's where Moisture Control Compost steps in as a game-changer. This innovative compost formulation incorporates a water-storing polymer that absorbs and retains water, releasing it slowly to the roots as needed.

Moisture Control Compost Peat Free 40L - image 1


Moisture Control Compost


Benefits of Moisture Control Compost:

  • Reduced Watering Frequency: Spend less time watering and more time enjoying your flourishing plants. Moisture Control Compost allows for extended intervals between watering, making it ideal for busy lifestyles or hot weather.
  • Consistent Moisture Levels: Moisture Control Compost helps prevent dramatic fluctuations in soil moisture, ensuring optimal conditions for root growth and healthy plant development.
  • Reduced Plant Stress: Plants deprived of water become stressed and susceptible to pests and diseases. Moisture Control Compost helps minimize stress by providing a consistent source of hydration.
  • Suitable for a Wider Range of Plants: This versatile compost can be used for a variety of plants

Moisture Control Compost in Action: Maintaining a Stunning Summer Display

Let's explore how Moisture Control Compost can be utilised with different plants in containers:

  • Outdoor Perennials: Enhance the visual appeal of your patio by planting vibrant perennials like lavender, echinacea, and salvias in containers filled with Moisture Control Compost. These sun-loving beauties will require less frequent watering, ensuring long-lasting blooms throughout the summer.

  • Trees in Planters: Spruce up your balcony or terrace with a miniature tree like a dwarf apple or olive tree. Moisture Control Compost provides the consistent moisture these trees require to thrive in containers, even during scorching summer heat.

  • Bedding Plants: Create a dazzling display of colour with a selection of summer bedding plants like petunias, geraniums, and marigolds. Moisture Control Compost ensures these thirsty plants receive a steady supply of water, keeping them blooming vibrantly throughout the season.

Beyond Moisture Control Compost:

While Moisture Control Compost is a powerful tool, remember other essential aspects of container gardening:

  • Drainage: Ensure your planters have drainage holes to prevent waterlogging, which can damage roots.
  • Watering: Even with Moisture Control Compost, occasional watering may be necessary during prolonged dry spells, especially for newly planted containers. Check the soil moisture regularly with your finger and water when the top inch feels dry.
  • Fertilizing: Regularly fertilize your container plants with a balanced fertilizer formulated for potted plants to provide essential nutrients for optimal growth.

Expert Advice at Boma Garden Centre:

Our knowledgeable team at Boma Garden Centre is passionate about helping you create a thriving container garden. We can provide expert advice on selecting the perfect planters, choosing the right plants for your location, and optimizing your watering practices with Moisture Control Compost. Feel free to ask about our extensive range of plants, planters, and gardening essentials.

Visit Boma Garden Centre in Kentish Town today to explore our inspiring selection of planters, Moisture Control Compost, and a variety of plants for your balcony, patio, or window boxes. Transform your outdoor space into a vibrant oasis with the help of our expert team!

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