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Your Guide to Spring Indoor Plant Care

Repotting houseplants

As we welcome the vibrant energy of spring, it's time to give your Indoor Plants a little extra attention. Repotting plays a crucial role in the health and growth of houseplants. It's not just about giving them a new home—it's about revitalising their environment and ensuring they have everything they need to thrive during the growing season. Boma provides all the necessary supplies and guidance for the task. We can also help with specialised composts, mists, feeds, and a superb range of Indoor Pot Covers, probably one of the best collections in London. Here's a detailed look at why spring is ideal for this task and how Boma can help.

Why Repot in Spring?

Spring signals new growth and renewal in the natural world, making it the optimal time to repot your indoor plants. During this season, plants begin to wake from winter dormancy, stretching out roots and pushing out new leaves. Repotting now ensures they have the space and nutrients needed for this surge in growth. This process refreshes the soil, improves drainage, and provides essential nutrients that might have been depleted over time, all available through Boma's specialised plant care products.

Signs Your Plant Needs Repotting

Before you start, it's important to recognise the signs that your Plant is ready to be repotted:

  • Roots are growing through the drainage holes
  • Water sits on the top or drains through very quickly (a sign that the Plant has become root-bound)
  • Visible salt and mineral build-up on the Plant or pot
  • Slowed growth despite proper care
  • The Plant becomes top-heavy and tips over easily

Plant pot covers at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

Step-by-Step Guide to Repotting

  1. Choose the Right Pot: Select a new pot slightly larger than the current one—usually about 2-3 cm larger in diameter. Ensure it has adequate drainage holes to prevent waterlogging.
  2. Prepare Your Supplies: Gather all necessary supplies before you begin. You'll need fresh potting soil, a trowel, scissors or pruning shears, and gloves. Boma offers a range of specialised composts explicitly formulated for indoor plants of different types, enhancing growth and root health.
  3. Remove the Plant Gently: Ease the Plant out of its current pot, being careful not to pull on the stem. If the Plant is stuck, you might need to tap the sides of the pot or gently press on the pot to loosen the soil.
  4. Trim and Untangle Roots: Prune away any dead or overly long roots. If the roots are densely packed or circling the pot, gently tease them apart to encourage them to spread out in their new home.
  5. Add New Soil: Place a layer of fresh Re-Potting Mix in the bottom of the new pot, which you can find among our range of High-quality Indoor Plant Composts at Boma.
  6. Reposition Your Plant: Set your Plant in the new pot and fill around it with more potting soil. Tap the pot gently to settle the soil, making sure the Plant sits at the same depth it was in the old pot.
  7. Water Thoroughly: After repotting, water your Plant thoroughly to help settle the soil and eliminate air pockets.

Maintaining Your Indoor Plants Post-Repotting

After repotting, keep your Plant in a location where it can receive adequate light but is protected from direct sunlight for a few days. This will help it adjust without added stress. Monitor the soil moisture closely for the first few weeks as the roots establish themselves in their new environment, using Boma's specialised plant mists and feeds as needed.


Explore Our Range of Indoor Plants and Maintenance Products

At Boma, located in Kentish Town, we pride ourselves on offering one of the most superb houseplant collections in London. Whether you are looking to add a new plant to your collection or find the perfect replacement for an old favourite, we have a variety of species known for their beauty and resilience.

Additionally, our range of specialised composts is designed to cater to different types of indoor plants, from succulents to tropicals. We also offer a variety of tools, from trowels to pruning shears, designed to make plant maintenance easy and enjoyable.

Visit Boma for All Your Indoor Plant Needs

We invite you to visit Boma Garden Centre this spring to explore our extensive range of plants and plant care products. Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to offer advice and help you select the best products for your indoor gardening projects. Remember, a well-timed repotting can make all the difference in the health and beauty of your plants. Let us help you make this season a growing success. Happy gardening!

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