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From Dull to Dazzling: Boma's Potted Bulb Parade

From Dull to Dazzling: Boma's Potted Bulb Parade

As January trundles in, shaking off the last bits of tinsel and festive cheer, Boma Garden Centre undergoes a whimsical transformation. The festive trees make their graceful exit, and in comes a cavalcade of potted bulbs, turning the centre into a vibrant tableau of colour and life. It's a sight to behold – a switch from Santa hats to sprouting tulips!

The Great Potted Bulb Rush

Picture this: a crowd of eager green thumbs, each more enthusiastic than the last, hustling through Boma's doors. They're not just here for the bulbs but for the experience. You'll see Nico with his childhood need for Narcissus, a regular who claims his daffodils can outshine the sun, or Harriet, who's hot on the virtues of 'Hyacinthus orientalis' jabbering away about experimental displays.


A Symphony of Spring in Pots

The variety is dizzying. There's 'Tulip Queen of the Night', as dark as a winter's sky, or the 'Narcissus Ice Follies', as bright as a spring morning. Each pot is a miniature world of potential, waiting to explode into a riot of colour. And let's not forget the tiny 'Galanthus', the unassuming snowdrop, standing proudly among its flashier cousins.

Bulbs in pots at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

Gardening Tips with a Twist

Some of Boma's staff are real characters, hilarious in explaining how to stop squirrels from pilfering your bulbs. Or perhaps you're curious about the "tulipmania" of the 17th century. Adam will explain where these flowers were worth more than some houses! It's not just about planting bulbs; it's about planting ideas and stories.


More Than Just Plants: The Art of Perfect Plant Pairings

At Boma, the potted bulb season is not just about the bulbs themselves; it's an exploration into the art of creating stunning plant displays. Boma's exploration into collecting an exquisite array of handmade glazed and terracotta planters is renowned throughout North London, a speciality that elevates the gardening experience to a form of art. With a variety of planters, from fireclay to polystone, and the charm of aged, whitewash, and stone terracotta varieties, the possibilities for creative expression are endless.

Crafting the Perfect Display

The key to a captivating display is in the combination. Imagine pairing the deep purple of 'Tulip Queen of the Night' with the lush greenery of a small fern in a sleek fibreclay planter – a contrast that's as dramatic as it is elegant. Or consider the cheerful 'Narcissus Tete a Tete', nestled alongside some purple heather in a classic aged terracotta pot, bringing a touch of rustic charm to any patio or balcony.

The Brilliance of 'Plants in Pots' Combinations for a Stunning Display

Tulip and Ivy Combo: Pair' Tulip Negrita' with cascading ivy in a polystone planter for a display combining structure and softness.

Daffodil and Ornamental Grass Duo: Plant' Narcissus Carlton' alongside some ornamental grass in a whitewash terracotta planter for a natural, meadow-like feel.

Hyacinth and Succulent Ensemble: Combine 'Hyacinth orientalis' with various succulents in a stone terracotta planter for a modern, minimalist look.

Snowdrop and Heuchera Harmony: Place' Galanthus nivalis' with vibrant heuchera in a glazed planter for a display that's both colourful and charming.

A Haven for Plant Lovers

Boma's potted bulb season is more than a shopping experience; it's an invitation to unleash your creativity and experiment with nature's palette. Whether an experienced gardener or a novice, the combination of quality bulbs and unique planters makes it an ideal venue to start your gardening adventure.

It's a place where bulbs and planters come together in a symphony of colour and style, where the gardening community is given free rein, each to express one's unique creativity, making gardens and patios come to life one pot at a time.

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