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Maintaining an aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium is easy with these tips to make sure your water, plants and fish are kept healthy, well and in good shape. Especially if you are new to keeping an aquarium there are a few elements to take into account when planning how you will keep it looking great. Aquariums can bring so much joy to a home, from fascinating fish and lush green plants to mesmerising lighting and calming water ripples. Here is how to take care of your aquarium.

Create an easy tank for maintaining an aquarium 

  • To start with, think about how much time and care you can give to keeping a new aquarium well maintained.
  • Always make sure you place it away from direct sunlight to reduce the growth of algae which will need clearing out.
  • Also, carefully select your tank size, filter, plants and fish for minimum care and be prepared to change the water partially regularly which can help with water quality. 

Tank size helps with maintaining an aquarium 

Believe it or not, but a larger tank is easier to maintain than a small tank because you can replace water easier and keep the right plants and fish to keep it cleaner for you. So why not go big and splash out on a super tank with all the kit and treat yourself to a wonderful new life long world of aquarium keeping!

Maintaining an aquarium requires the right kit 

You can purchase full kits with everything in one to get you started or buy each individual item including a filter, heater, thermometer, lighting, the substrate needed for the bottom of your tank, the plants, fun figures, fish and other accessories to scape your tank. Always speak to an adviser when purchasing who can help you decide which kit is best for you and do plenty of research first. 

A simple way to maintaining an aquarium 

The glass can often get a build-up of algae but there are some simple ways to clear that along with correct filtration and lighting. Algae cleaning magnets sit on each side of the tank glass and you can move it around the glass and it will clean the inside. They are inexpensive to purchase and readily available and a good addition to your aquarium kit. Children often love to clean the aquarium this way, too.

Maintaining an aquarium with fish and plants 

Along with a water testing kit to make sure your water is staying consistent, you can also use oxygenating plants such as Hornwort to help keep the water clean and clear plus it will look nice and fresh. Also, catfish and pleco’s can eat algae from the glass and even clear up the bottom of the tank. But, they still need feeding, of course, so don’t forget the food! 

Find everything you need in store to keep your aquarium looking fresh. 

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