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4 Houseplant trends for 2023

4 Houseplant trends for 2023

Your living space strongly guides the houseplant trends for 2023. Once you've got the bug, the more, the merrier unless the other half gives you a hard time, and then the bargaining begins. You'll want virtually everything in sight if you're as passionate as we are. But there are trends that are in big demand and for various reasons.

Small houseplants are inexpensive and don't take up much space. 'Another plant?' the partner says. 'But it's tiny and so beautiful'. Just watch them grow. While we are on the subject, big tropical plants are bullish and offer a massive indoor statement! Sure to get your friends talking.

Boma has put together the current houseplant trends for 2023. You can try one or all below. Pop in and visit if you want to be genuinely blown away by the variety available. They should make the garden centre London's honorary national treasure. 

1. Small plants

Mini plants at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London


Small plants can make a big impact. They can save space, and many are easy to grow. Think of small terrariums, bonsai trees, and mini plants in cute pots. You'll find so much inspiration online, with many macro shots and social media photos of various ways to build small terrariums in tiny glass bottles. Grouping lots of small plants together can also look stunning. 

2. Rare plants 

Rare plants at Boma Garden Centre London

As houseplant collections grow, rare plants are becoming much more desired. The rare plant addition to a home can make a big statement about how essential houseplants are to the owner. Monstera deliciosa' Albo-Variegata’ is a particularly coveted houseplant with its big luscious green leaves and white markings. Philodendron gloriosum is another rare and costly houseplant which looks lovely in a large container and photos!


3. Air cleaning plants

Air purifying plants at Boma Garden Centre London


Houseplants don't just look pretty. Well-being is big on everyone's mind right now, so plants that don't just soften the room's look but also clean the air of toxins are one of the top trends. Some of the best plants that clean the air of toxins are, thankfully, some of the easiest to grow. Sansevieria, Spider Plant, and Aloe Vera have always been a trend and will always be in the future!

4. Large plants


Indoor-outdoor living is a big trend as everyone wants to connect better with nature. Many houseplant lovers are going big with their houseplants, and if you have the space, even indoor trees are becoming more popular, or at the very least, houseplants that are so big they look like a tree! Big plants are a big current trend, from the tall, large-leaf Bird of Paradise (Strelizia) to the indoor Christmas tree, The Norfolk Island Pine. 

While trends come and go, houseplants overall are always a vital aspect of every home, so whichever you decide to grow or how you display them know that a houseplant never really goes out of fashion.

Pick your next houseplant from our collection in-store, or check out Boma houseplants online. 

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