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Heuchera are perfect for Autumn – How to display these beauties

Heuchera are perfect for Autumn – How to display these beauties

As the summer fades to autumn and the light level changes, one of the star plants of autumn catches the gardener’s attention, and that plant is Heuchera.

Heucheras appear to glow in the garden’s soft, hazy light of an autumn evening. The textured foliage provides a year-round structure and interest in the garden and is available in various vibrant colours.

Ideal for planting as a ‘living mulch’, Heuchera provide the perfect ground cover to keep down weeds in the borders. For maximum effect, plant one variety of Heuchera on mass for an eye-catching display.

Heuchera is a range of popular perennial plants that are ideal for containers and planting beds in the garden to fill gaps but also ideal for lining a pathway or driveway.

Heuchera ‘Boysenberry’

Heuchera 'Boysenberry' at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

A shrub with vivid orange-red foliage, Boysenberry catches the autumn light late in the season. During the winter, the foliage provides year-round interest making it an ideal plant for containers. In spring, spikes made up of tiny white flowers fill the plant providing the perfect contrast to the foliage.

Heuchera ‘Lime Marmalade’

Heuchera 'Lime Marmalade' at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

For a sea of lime green foliage that shines out when planted with contrasting dark-coloured shrubbery, Heuchera’ Lime Marmalade’ is ideal. This striking variety adds alluring interest to a shady part of the garden. Create an exciting planting plan by combining it with colourful Hosta’s.

Heuchera ‘Obsidian’

Heuchera 'Obsidian' at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

One of the darkest varieties of Heuchera, a favourite at Boma, Obsidian has dark purple foliage almost black. It is a highly sought-after variety providing a carpet of black foliage throughout the year.

Heuchera ‘Plum Pudding’

Heuchera 'Plum Pudding' at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London

This beautiful variety has cheerful sprays of petite, pale pink summer blooms. Its bristly stems rise above silver powdered rosettes, with striking plum purple foliage. In keeping with other varieties of Heuchera, this cultivar is grown mainly for its distinctive foliage. Its mottled leaves look lovely planted in contrasting colourful drifts of complimenting shrubbery. As a semi-evergreen, Plum Pudding makes a head-turning display on a front border and works well in sun or dappled shade.

Heuchera ‘Silver Scrolls’

Heuchera ‘Silver Scrolls’ at Boma Garden Centre Kentish Town London


Planted on mass, Heuchera’s ‘Silver Scrolls’ works wonderfully as a carpet of metallic purple foliage. In spring, Silver Scrolls have contrasting white flowers that appear and stand against the dark foliage.

Boma stocks lovely varieties of Heuchera from the beginning of October that are available for immediate planting. Pop into the garden centre in Kentish Town and speak to the team about planning your Autumn Garden.

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