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A Life Lesson on Sustainability

A Life Lesson on Sustainability

The Boma recently learned a life lesson on sustainable living when it decided to dispose of its out-of-date PCs.

Themba, a Boma garden centre employee that works in accounts, learned from his mum that a village in Ghana needed computers for the community school.

Instead of sending the used computers to a landfill, Themba came in on the weekend and carefully packed the computers for shipping to Ghana.

When we received a video of how the community had set up the computers in the community school, the garden centre team smiled with delight.

The classroom doesn't have glass for the windows, so the villagers set up the computers a couple of meters away from the windows to prevent the risk of damage from rain.

What topped off our sheer pleasure was the kids smiling faces from their new tech upgrade, which many UK kids take for granted.

It's a valuable lesson for all, how we can benefit others in need from the things we would typically throw away.

Enjoy the video on YouTube and get inspired!



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