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How to water hanging baskets

How to water hanging baskets

If you wonder how to water hanging baskets properly to ensure your plants thrive, you might be surprised to know that watering well can make such a big difference to the health of your plants. Hanging baskets and containers can bring a lot of colour and joy to a garden. They're especially good for small spaces where using vertical areas is ideal, they can be full of colourful flowers or edible produce for an extended period from spring to summer with the proper care. 

The important part of how to water hanging baskets 

The top point about watering baskets and containers is why it is so important! Watering plants gives them the moisture they need to help them thrive, especially when there is little rain. With any plant grown in a container or basket as opposed to directly in the ground, they will need more watering because plants soon use up all of the resources in the compost, and it will quickly dry out. Always make sure there are drainage holes, so your plants aren’t sitting in wet compost. 

Use rainwater to water hanging baskets 

Rainwater is the best way to water your plants, and this is no different for hanging baskets. If your basket is getting plenty of rainwater, there may not be any need for extra watering, but if there isn’t any rain or if the rain is light, you will definitely need to water your hanging baskets. Try collecting rainwater in water butts to use on your plants as needed. 

How to water hanging baskets and retain water 

There are many ways to help retain moisture in baskets and containers: 

  • Insert a water reservoir in the bottom of the liner.
  • Using a coconut coir liner helps with water retention.
  • Using good quality compost will help and many are created to help retain moisture.
  • There is also the option to mix in vermiculite or perlite, which can help and incorporate some worm compost.
  • Covering the soil with a mulch such as grass clippings can also help.

Morning or night choice when considering how to water hanging baskets 

Mornings tend to be the best time of day to water your garden. Your plants will be able to have a good drink before the hotter days, and also it helps if you have slugs and snails who tend to like moisture and will be out at night time. 

How to water hanging baskets with self-watering containers 

There are container options for both hanging baskets and railing containers. Use one with a pre-built-in reservoir. These are helpful and can look stylish too. 

Keep your hanging baskets thriving with plants, compost and accessories in store. 

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