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Refresh compost in pots

Refresh compost in pots

This how-to refresh compost in pots will ensure your container plants thrive all year round. Most container-grown plants, trees and shrubs will need some new compost each year or two to improve the compost structure in the pot, increase much-needed nutrients and ensure your plants can grow for many years in pots. It is easily done and gives your plants an enormous health boost. Here’s how to refresh compost in pots.

Tools you will need to refresh compost in pots 

Make sure you are well prepared to start working on your pots and have everything you need by your side, so once you get to work, everything is convenient and easy to do. You’ll need a

  • a hand fork,
  • some fresh compost,
  • gardening gloves.

Don’t forget a watering can and pebbles for the top of the pot if required. 

Types of composts

You can use numerous types of compost, but we recommend using good quality multi-purpose, peat-free compost after you have refreshed the pot with the new compost.

How to refresh compost in pots

Just begin to loosen the compost in the pot from the surface roots and the edges of the pots with your hand fork. If you can also remove compost gently from around the root ball, that’s a good idea so much of the old compost is removed and can be replenished. Then replenish the pot with your multi-purpose compost and from down as you add it around the root ball. Please make sure there are no air pockets around the roots and water it well. If you’d like to add pebbles or gravel, spread a layer on top. It can be helpful to stop weed growth and retain moisture. 

Refresh compost in pots and keep up the care 

Mainly, container plants will need more watering than plants growing in the ground because they will dry out quicker. Always check how much moisture is under the top few centimetres of compost and ensure the container is well watered. Feed will be necessary from spring throughout summer as the container plants will soon absorb the compost nutrients. Over winter, lifting pots onto pot feet can also help with drainage. 

For compost, tools, containers and plants for pots, visit us in store and get your garden thriving. 

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