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How to make a hedgehog house

How to make a hedgehog house

If you’re wondering how to make a hedgehog house, we’ve put together some tips to help you build a safe space for hedgehogs to come into your garden. It is always a joy to see a hedgehog rustling about at night in a garden. A most welcome visitor is a friend of the gardener. Not only will hedgehogs eat slugs and caterpillars, but they need your help. Hedgehog numbers have declined from 1.5 million in 1995 to less than 500 000. They are now in need of help in both urban and rural areas. Making a hedgehog home is fun and getting it right is essential for the safety of your garden friends. 

What you need to make a hedgehog house

Ensure you have the right tools and equipment to build a safe and warm home.

  • You’ll need a hammer, nails, metal hinges, untreated FSC plywood birch boards, and polythene sheeting.
  • You’ll also need a pile of dry leaves and a shady spot in your garden.
  • Don’t forget hedgehogs need access to your garden, so make sure there is a hole in the fence, an open gate or other boundary access.

How to build a hedgehog house yourself 

  1. Cut the wood, so you have three sides, a lid, base, a small tunnel and a front with a gap for the tunnel to be attached to.
  2. Make the tunnel, secure the sides together and to the base, then attach two hinges and the lid. The tunnel should be big enough for the hedgehog but small enough to keep predators out.
  3. If you want to add feet and raise it off the ground, that can be helpful, and the tunnel should then be attached with a rise so it is sloped. 

Where to put a hedgehog house

Hedgehog homes should be placed in a shady and sheltered place in the garden. When you know it is installed safely, put some dry leaves in via the lid and cover it with some polythene sheeting. You can also mound up leaves over the top as well. Make sure you can access it in spring to clean it out but don’t touch it if a hedgehog has made it home. 

Other options if you don’t want to make a hedgehog house yourself

There are different ways to have a hedgehog home, from purchasing a ready-made home from a reputable source, building a pre-cut and boxed home or simply piling up lots of leaves and log piles. 

Visit us in the store for advice when building your hedgehog home. 

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