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Get through this blue Monday

Get through this blue Monday

Know how to get through this Blue Monday to make sure that you thrive forward into the year without feeling low on the saddest day of the year. The third Monday of January every year is named Blue Monday because it is at the point of the month where the festivities have ended, it’s cold outside and new years resolutions have been broken. But, by doing one or all of the below activities, you can get through the day without feeling blue.

Forest bathe to get through this Blue Monday 

No matter what the weather is like, wrap up warm and put your wellies on to go for a walk. Make sure you wander amongst the trees, absorbing the oils omitted and the fresh air all around. Don’t forget to look up at the canopy and appreciate the magnificence of trees. As your forest bathe, you should feel your stress levels lower, anxiety decrease, and ready to enjoy the day. 

Get through this Blue Monday and sow some seeds

Growing flowers and cultivating your own food brings not only a great deal of joy but also so much hope. When times can be tough, sowing seeds gives you something to look after, be responsible for and have hope for the future as you nurture and watch your seeds grow. Why not try sowing some microgreens for a quick and satisfying turnaround. You’ll have nutritious plants on your plate in as little as ten days to three weeks. 

Be creative and get through this Blue Monday 

Have you wanted to get your hands on a creative project? Why not start today. Try colouring books or sketching. Try out different pencils, colours, glitter and paper. Why not let your inner artist out and get everything down on paper. Spend some time just doing that craft project you’ve meant to try for ages. 

Get through this Blue Monday and treat yourself 

Now the Christmas tree is down, why not fill your room with plants. Houseplants bring so much joy, from the responsibility of looking after something, to the aesthetically pleasing aspect and the toxins cleaned from the air, they give so much. So why not treat yourself to a new houseplant of your dreams? That glossy leaf Monstera, the large Orchid you’ve been looking at or the tiny succulents for an indoor planter. Plants bring so much joy!

Be proud of your yourself to get through this Blue Monday 

Remember that new years resolutions get broken and don’t be hard on yourself about it. Be proud of all that you have achieved and all that you will achieve in the future. Don’t be hard on yourself; give yourself a big well done!

Treat yourself to a new plant in store, or just come and take a look around to help you get through the day. 

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