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World animal day

World animal day

It’s world animal day on 4th October 2021, which is a time to help promote the mission and raise the status of animals which will help improve welfare standards for all animals around the world. The animal welfare movement comes together on this day and throughout the year to make the world a better place for all animals. The mission is to increase awareness and education about animals as sentient beings and put their welfare at the fore. Here’s how you can help: 

  1. Become an ambassador 
  2. Volunteer some time
  3. Attend an event 
  4. Love your pets 

Become an ambassador for world animal day 

Voluntary ambassadors represent world animal day around the world. The ambassador programme connects people all around the globe both with world animal day and helps spread the importance of animal welfare. You can apply to become an ambassador and find out more details on the world animal day website at, where there is plenty of information to help you decide what to do. 

Consider being a world animal day volunteer 

Talented and compassionate people are brought together through volunteering to benefit animals. World animal day is particularly looking for volunteers to help in developing countries. There is a varying range of volunteering opportunities, from education to hands-on projects and general help. You could also look to volunteer locally at animal shelters, vets or somewhere you can share your skills to make the world a better place for animals. 

Attend an event for world animal day 

There are events worldwide to raise awareness for the welfare of animals on world animal day, but you could also plan one yourself. Why not gather some friends, raise awareness and funds? You could do a sponsored dog walk or even adopt a new pet yourself. Don’t forget to post all about it on social media to spread the news and use the hashtag #worldanimalday.

Spend more time with your pets for world animal day 

One thing we can do is be with our pets and fully appreciate how incredible they are. Each animal on this planet is a sentient being, and there’s no better way to really understand that than to be with your own pets. We love and care for them, and world animal day is all about ensuring that love and care are for all animals, not just pets at home. 

You could also chat to friends and family about the day, sign petitions to stop animal cruelty and spend some time helping at the local shelter. There are lots of things that can be done and to support the mission. Don’t forget to treat your pets at home with some delicious treats and snuggly toys to play with. 

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