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Boma Rewards Club Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering Boma Rewards. Many customers have been part of our rewards club for several years. The new app is a significant leap forward in enabling access to your Boma account in the palm of your hand. As a VIP member, the app gives you an up-to-date purchase & point history, personalised special offers and cashback rewards vouchers. 

On this page, you can find Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions about the Boma Rewards Club. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're looking for quick answers to frequent questions about Boma Rewards and the App. Please click on the following link Boma Rewards FAQs.

Boma Rewards App Download

You can download the Boma Rewards App for Apple and Android Devices from the Boma Rewards App page. If you have a rewards account number, enter the number when you register on the app. Otherwise, you can register for an account through the app. By downloading the Boma Rewards App, you agree to the Boma Rewards Club Terms and Conditions. 

When entering your data in the rewards app, you agree to the Boma Privacy Policy and that the data you are entering is your valid ID and that you are entering it in good faith. Entering false information into the Boma Rewards App or Website violates the Boma Rewards Club terms and conditions and may warrant membership cancellation and further legal action at Boma's discretion. 

Existing Boma Loyalty Club Card Holders

Existing Boma loyalty club cardholders who wish to use the app must download and register before use. For the existing account purchase and point history to appear, the account holder must register using the same account name and email address used for the loyalty club. The newly registered app user will receive an additional 5-6 digit Rewards App ID, which they will receive by email and appear in the app. 

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously. Our policy is the same for all our customers and visitors to our website. Please see the Boma Privacy Policy for further details. 

Collecting Rewards Points

The Boma rewards club offers one point for each pound you spend at the Boma garden centre or WebShop. For in-store purchases, present your rewards number or email address (available through the app) at the till when shopping. You must log in to your rewards account to collect points when shopping online. 

Points Redemption and Validation

You can use the points you collect in your account towards purchases in-store at the garden centre for product discounts. If you wish to redeem points to purchase Webshop products, Boma issues Cashback Rewards Vouchers that you can use on the webshop checkout. As a registered member, when you log in to your webshop account, the cashback reward vouchers will appear in your account and for selection on the checkout page. When you apply the voucher, the points are deducted from your rewards account. Please continue reading for more information and terms and conditions on rewards vouchers. 

Points are valid for redemption for 365 days. You can use them for cash discounts in-store at the Garden Centre. Boma also issues Rewards Vouchers for use online or at the Garden Centre, which you will receive through the Boma Rewards App. 

Please note Boma customers with existing points before 1st October 2022 can continue redeeming their points at the garden centre with no limitation. New points earned after this period will be valid for redemption for 365 days.

Special Offer Promotions

Each season the garden centre promotes products as a general offer to customers and rewards club members. The promotions may include multi-buy quantity discounts, categories, bundles, or product discounts. These promotions will appear on the Webshop and in the Boma Rewards App. You may also receive notifications by email or through social media channels. You can also use your cashback rewards vouchers for promotions. 


Boma Rewards Voucher Terms and Conditions

Using Cashback Rewards Vouchers

You can use cashback rewards vouchers online on the Boma Webshop.

No rewards voucher is redeemable at any other garden centre, business or website besides Boma Garden Center.

After you sign in as a registered member, you can redeem your cashback vouchers by selecting them on the Boma webshop checkout page. 


Distribution of Boma Rewards Vouchers

Rewards Vouchers are, and always remain, the property of Boma Garden Centre.

Boma issues reward vouchers to specific Boma rewards member customer accounts. Only the account holder can use the voucher, which is not transferrable to other accounts.

No Voucher may be copied, reproduced, distributed, or stored in a data retrieval system without the prior written permission of Boma Garden Centre.

Rewards vouchers published on media channels, websites, and internet message boards such as social media sites other than Boma Garden Centre are not valid for use and may be refused or cancelled.

Permitted usage of Rewards Vouchers

• Each rewards voucher will be valid for use by a recipient only once

• Only one rewards voucher is valid for use per customer

• You may use a rewards voucher in conjunction with special offers and products at the discretion of the Boma Garden Centre only. If you have any doubts, please contact the garden centre.

• Rewards vouchers are not exchangeable for cash, other Boma special offer codes, or special offers from other businesses.

Excluded Products and Services

Boma may exclude or limit the use of rewards vouchers from specific product categories, groups of products, bundles or particular products, which Boma may indicate at the time of issue. Excluded products will not count towards any qualifying conditions for offers and will not benefit from any promotional discount.

Minimum Spend Requirements

Boma may require a minimum spending amount for rewards voucher redemption, which Boma may communicate at the time of issue. Excluded products and services will not count towards a minimum spend requirement.

Suppose more than one minimum spend offer is valid for use in a webshop order. In that case, the qualifying spend amount must be reached for each offer separately.

Multiple rewards vouchers may be used for a single webshop order if they appear in your rewards account and on the Webshop checkout page after login. 

Discount Codes Order of Use

Rewards vouchers are deducted from the total basket after promotional discounts on the webshop checkout page.

Boma issues Cashback Rewards Vouchers and Special Offer Coupon Codes. On the Boma Webshop, you can use Rewards Vouchers and Special Offer Coupon Codes by applying them in the appropriate place on the Checkout Page at the time of purchase. You can also use Coupon Codes when purchasing In-store at the Garden Centre. The use of Rewards Voucher Codes and Special Offer Coupon Codes is at the discretion of Boma Garden Centre only.

Security and Fraud

When you use a rewards voucher, you warrant to Boma Garden Centre that you are the authorised voucher recipient and are using it in good faith.

If you or a third party attempt to redeem vouchers to obtain discounts to which you are not entitled, you may be committing a civil or criminal offence.

Suppose Boma believes a voucher is unlawfully in use. In that case, we may reject or cancel any voucher. You agree that you will have no claim against us regarding rejection or cancellation. Boma reserves the right to take any further action it deems appropriate in such instances.

Limitation of Liability

All offers are subject to availability and while stocks last.

Boma shall not be liable for any monetary loss arising from the refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of any rewards voucher. Neither shall Boma be liable for any failure or inability of a customer to use a voucher for any reason.

Boma reserves the right to vary or terminate the operation of any rewards voucher at any time without notice.

The failure of Boma Garden Centre to take any action in respect of a breach of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of their enforceability. Boma always reserves its rights in respect of these terms and conditions.

Thank you for reading Boma's Rewards Club terms and conditions. We hope you have an enjoyable shopping experience. For any further questions, please contact Boma Customer Service


Boma Rewards Club Terms and Conditions