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Extra cosy with festive houseplants

Winter has returned, bringing with it the opportunity to embrace the cosy charm of indoor spaces. With shorter days and longer nights, it's the perfect moment to enhance the warmth and colour of your home with Boma Garden Centre's array of trendy houseplants and mood-enhancing elements. Boma, located in the heart of London, offers a diverse range of flowering indoor plants, ideal for transforming your living space into a vibrant, welcoming retreat during the colder months.

Houseplants with leaves in warm autumn colours

Make your house extra cosy with colourful houseplants

Indoor Plants for a Warm Autumn Ambience

The Calathea is a dynamic choice, known for its striking veins and vibrant colours, changing its appearance as the light shifts. It thrives in humid conditions and prefers indirect sunlight. The leaf begonias, particularly the Begonia maculata, are back in style with their beautiful colours and patterns ranging from rust brown to green and red. These plants enjoy moist soil and bright, indirect light.

The Philodendron brings a touch of the jungle indoors. Available in various forms, including hanging or climbing types, its glossy, leathery leaves come in shades of green, red, pink, and variegated patterns. It's a low-maintenance plant that thrives in bright, indirect light. The Croton, also known as the wonder tree, captivates with its rainbow-hued leaves and flourishes in direct sunlight.

Begonia maculata

  • Bringing a touch of the jungle into your home, the Philodendron is available in many varieties, including hanging or climbing types and those on stems. Its leathery, heart-shaped, or deeply serrated leaves make it a highly decorative houseplant. Most Philodendrons have dark green, glossy leaves, but they also come in lime green, dark red, pink, and variegated varieties with irregular golden-yellow spotting. The plant requires little water and prefers a bright spot, but not direct sunlight. You can plant a climbing Philodendron in a hanging pot and train it along the wall as a living, exotic tapestry.

  • Croton, also known as the wonder tree, is a real eye-catcher that can grow over two meters tall. Its variegated leaves come in almost every colour of the rainbow: yellow, red, orange, and even purple. The plant thrives in direct sunlight, making it suitable for a spot near a window. Keep the soil lightly moist.

Flowering Indoor Plants for Fiery Winter Colours

Guzmania fiery houseplant

  • Bromeliads and Guzmanias are exotic beauties with tubular flowers (actually bracts) in vibrant reds and yellows, among other shades. Place them in a bright spot, but not in direct sunlight, and water them in the cup or rosette. They appreciate high humidity, so treat them to an occasional misting.

  • The Flamingo Plant (Anthurium) is another tropical beauty with beautifully glossy leaves and white, bright red, soft red, or orange flowers (again, actually bracts). Like the Bromeliad and Guzmania, the Flamingo Plant prefers a bright spot, but not harsh sunlight, and a regular misting. Water it once or twice a week.

Creative Autumn Displays with Boma's Indoor Plants

Poinsettia at Boma Garden Centre

Creative Indoor Plant Displays

At Boma, we understand that each space in your home provides a unique environment for plant growth. For beginners, we recommend easy-care plants like Peace Lilies, which thrive in indirect light and add a gentle pop of colour. For the more experienced gardener, Orchids and Begonias offer vibrant blooms that are a rewarding sight.

Creativity in displaying these plants can transform your space. Tall plants like Bromeliads can create a striking display in living areas, while smaller plants like Kalanchoes are perfect for brightening up workspaces or side tables. Proper plant care, including appropriate watering, feeding, and lighting, is key to ensuring your indoor garden flourishes.

Thoughtful Gifts and Seasonal Decor

Indoor flowering plants are not only for personal enjoyment but also make thoughtful gifts. Consider gifting a Cyclamen or a Christmas Cactus for special occasions, offering a lasting alternative to traditional bouquets. With Boma's extensive range of flowering indoor plants, perfect for any room from the bedroom to the kitchen, and even as thoughtful gifts, you're sure to find the ideal plant to bring joy and colour to your home or loved ones.

Experience the joy of indoor gardening with Boma this winter. Our experienced team can assist in selecting the perfect plant based on your needs, ensuring your indoor gardening journey is both rewarding and delightful. With Boma, your home can transform into a warm, inviting autumn haven, filled with the beauty and vibrancy of nature


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