NEW IN - 18th June

Enjoy discovering some of these interesting new-in plants on sale at The Boma. The first you might recognise as the common Hydrangea, however this new lace cap variety has unusually dark burgundy-like leaves which are sure to create a nice contrast next to other green leaf plants. It grows to around 1m high by 1m wide so great for pots if you are able to water regularly, and plant in full sun or part-shade. For something more architectural we have the Eryngium or sea holly ‘Jos Eijking’. Think spiky but striking. This perennial, semi-deciduous plant grows to 0.7m high, develops fabulous blue stems and loves full sun. Next up is the stunning Australian tree fern. The image below shows their furry unfurling fronds which will soon turn into lush arching green fronds up to 3m in length. Tree ferns are ideal for a shaded or part-shade position in the garden with shelter and humidity, and can also grace a conservatory space with the right conditions. Lastly is the Pelargonium or geraniums as we know them but with a twist, it’s unusual pointed petals which offer a change from usual varieties. As with all zonal pelargoniums these are fantastic plants for a sunny spot and are fairly drought tolerant too. The evocative musky smell of the leaves are guaranteed to transport you somewhere dreamy, like a victorian greenhouse full to the brim with all your favourite plants!