New IN - 27th September | Autumn is here

The garden centre has transitioned from summer to autumn, with more subtle tones and soothing shades replacing the vibrancy of hotter days past. There is still room however for some pretty florals before the foliage kicks in. Verbena Bampton is an interesting variety that has wiry branches bearing short bursts of purple-pink flowers. It prefers full sun, will flower until mid-autumn and requires a light prune to keep it looking in good shape for next year! The Dahlia Lemon Sherbet, like most Dahlia’s will flower until first frosts… as long as you continue to dead-head spent blooms. Plant in full sun and well drained soil, and choose to lift and store tubers over winter, or leave them in the slightly warmer London ground. Geum Pretticoats Peach is a hardy, evergreen perennial. It has a longer flowering period than most Geums, so you can enjoy several more weeks of these gorgeous, outward facing ruffled flowers before it re-blooms again in early spring.