NEW IN - 3rd May | Les Fleurs

This week we’re bringing to you some of the best flowers currently on display in the garden centre. The Tropical Hibiscus is suitable for inside the home, but is happiest in the conservatory where the alluring blooms will last much longer. Offer it bright, humid conditions and don’t hesitate to pop it outside during the summer. Next up is the Icelandic Poppy, who’s crinkly petals you can’t help but fall in love with. Grow in full sun, in deep and well drained soil and later in the season enjoy the beautiful rattle-like seed heads. Bring the closest thing to sunshine into your life with these gorgeous Sunflowers. And lastly don’t miss the stunning climber Clematis Rebecca, bearing extra-large red hot flowers with beautiful cream anthers from June to October. Grow in part or full sun and aim to keep the base of the plant cool and shaded. Have a fab flower filled bank holiday weekend!