NEW IN - 26th March

This week we’re venturing into the shop! We recently visited Holland to hand-pick some really special houseplants. Two plants we picked out are Phalaenopsis Liodoro, a beautifully scented orchid with long flowering periods, and Philodendron ‘Moonlight’ a low clump-forming plant who’s new leaves are a brilliant lime green. Also in the shop, a new range of Basket Room pots each hand woven from sisal grass in rural Kenya, and a stunning range of nature inspired ceramic pots! We hope to see you soon.

NEW IN - 20th Mar

Here is a selection of fabulous spring colour that’s just arrived at the garden centre.

Diosma ‘Pink Fountain’ is a favourite evergreen shrub with tiny white to pink flowers popping out against needle-like bright green foliage. Genista ‘Porlock’ has slightly fragrant and pea-like bright yellow flowers. Cherry ‘Kojo-no-mai’ is a show stopper with its pearly white flowers appearing just before the leaves. Lastly the stars, Syringa vulgaris, or the common lilac. These shrubs stand tall with extremely fragrant and pretty panicle flower heads!

Welcome to The Boma Blog


Welcome to our new blog which will feature NEW IN - where you can be the first to discover exciting new plants and products that just have arrived in the garden centre. We will also be sharing some horticultural news, as well as educational posts on gardening and how to care for your plants.