Looking to paint your home green?
Foliage plants with fabulous leaves.

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 Flowering Plants 


Indoor flowers for a splash of colour?
Orchids • Peace Lilies • Laceleaf • Oxalis
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 Cacti & Succulents


Curious plants that don't need much water?
Snake plants • Money Plants • Aloe Vera • Mini Cactus
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 Hanging Plants


Want them hanging from the ceiling?
Pothos • Devil's Ivy • Tradescantia • Peperomia
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 Jungle Plants


Make urban living into a jungle paradise?
Monstera • Philodendron • Anthurium  • Epipremnum
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 Mini Plants


So cute! You can grow them in your handbag
Venus Fly Trap • Hoya Kerri • Mini Cactus  • Fittonia
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 Air-purifying Plants 


Love the environment & breathe fresh air
Calathea Mokayana • Peace Lili • Snake Plant  • Spider Plant
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