Our Annual Garden Maintenance Agreement is designed to provide you with a professional and ongoing maintenance service throughout the year, which will ensure:

  • Your valuable outdoor space is clean and tidy.
  • Your plants will grow and flourish.
  • Your lawn always looks its best.
  • Patios, pathways & decked areas maintained and power-washed.

All this gives you the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying your garden!



  1. A qualified manager will survey your garden prior to commencing a maintenance agreement. A package will then be put together incorporating all that you wish to achieve in your garden during the year.
  2. We will recommend the length and frequency of maintenance sessions to suit your budget and achieve your objectives.
  3. A pre-agreement tidy-up session is recommended so your space is brought to a level at which we can maintain it.
  4. The Maintenance Agreement Plan will list the tasks we will undertake throughout the year, and you can measure our performance against this.
Let us do the hard work...


  1. Our Annual Maintenance Agreement rate is £28.50 per man-hour + VAT. The removal of green waste ranges from £7.00 per council size bag, up to £96.00 per van load. Any materials and plants used will be charged on the monthly invoice. 

  2. Our minimum amount of time per visit is based on 3 man-hours. 

  3. Our minimum number of visits on an Agreement is once every four weeks (13 times per year).

  4. If our minimum number of visits is taken out, we recommend the minimum amount of time per visit is 4 man-hours, to achieve the best results in your garden. 

  5. Our vans will be used and therefore parking/parking permits will need to be provided.

  6. We will invoice you once per month and require payment within 7 days. you can enjoy the rest.