Fancy a potter? The Boma offers an exclusive range of indoor and outdoor pots, with unique designs from around the world. You are guaranteed to find a container to suit your budget, style, shape and size.

We stock:

Italian Pots

  • Machine made terracotta standard pots, saucers and window boxes


  • Wooden Barrels
  • Wooden Window Boxes


  • Elho plastic pots and troughs


  • Scheurich indoor pot covers

Handmade Ceramic Pots

  • Terracotta pots, saucers and window boxes
  • Glazed ceramic pots, saucers and window boxes
  • Oldstone and Atlantis ceramic pots    
    (pot feet available for all)   

Lightweight Contemporary Pots

  • Made to measure galvanised containers and window boxes. (available in a lacquered finish)
  • Fibreclay containers and window boxes
  • Polyterra containers and window boxes
  • Zinc Window Boxes