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Looking for plants to make your neighbour's head turn? Or the perfect spot for that after work Sangria? Whether it's planters for the windowsill, by the doorstep, on the patio or deck. We've got you covered. 

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Flower Beds

If you're looking to fill bedding with plants year-round, perennials such as petunias and geraniums tend to be frost-tender and are really annuals, but there are hardy annuals which will survive in extreme weather. 

Begonia, Sweet Peas, Buzy Lizzie, Antirrhinum, Lobelia, Rudbeckia, California Poppy and Cosmos, are all suited to filling flower beds and borders. 


For more advice on bedding ask The Boma team

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Roof Terrace & Balcony

Vigorous vines, hardy shrubs, breezy grasses and vivid colourful blooms transform urban terraces into a private oasis. To thrive on a roof terrace, plants will need adequate soil and water. For roofs exposed to direct sunlight and wind, consider deep planters with containers that won't dry out.


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Plants for the Patio & Deck

Perennial herbs, such as Thyme, Sage, Oregano, Chives, and Sage, will return repeatedly. Herbs being also available to grow from seed, superb for the patio, with the convenience and easy-reach during cooking. Other ideas include feature plants for a statement,  complimenting smaller planters. Scented blooms such as Cosmos atrosanguineus, Daphne, Devon Flavia,  and Heliotropium arborescens ‘Chatsworth’ offer colourful summer flowers with gentle fragrances while lounging about the patio or deck. 

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Plants for the Front Door

The front door is your signature curb-appeal location and the face to go home to at the end of the day.  Flowering climbers around the entrance, with bright colourful petunias, are a smiling welcome to all visitors. Consider all seasons with hardy plants for the winter. 



Plants for the Windowsill

Windowsills are a superb location to add colourful light to the indoors and a wonderful sight for passersby.  For each reach consider herbs for their aroma and sensational fragrance in window boxes such as lavender. 'No-brainers' include Sweet Potato Vine, Coleus, Petunias, Creeping Jenny, Dusty Miller, Fuchsia, Impatiens, and Snapdragon.


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Hanging Basket Outdoor Plants

An adoration of curbs, homes, pubs, and restaurants are glorious hanging baskets that adorn the landscape everywhere. Requiring frequent watering, often exposed to sun and the elements, colourful blooms include Begonia, Fuchsias, Petunias, Bacopa, Lobelia, Calibrachoa, Geraniums (Pelargoniums), and Osteospermum.

For more ideas and tips on plants for hanging baskets, ask The Boma team. 

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