Boma - Environmental Policy 2013

The Boma Garden Company is a garden centre and garden services company based in Kentish Town London, serving clients in the London area.

Our business focuses on gardening and outside leisure spaces which are areas that can make a significant contribution to improving the quality of life.

We recognize that our company has the opportunity to have a positive impact on the environment and that we must strive to raise environmental awareness amongst our staff, our suppliers, our customers and the local community.

Our commitment to the environment is:

Areas where the Boma impacts on the environment are:


Conserving water in the garden centre is an important part of our business for both environmental and economical reasons.

Watering of the garden centre stock is carefully monitored according to the season and availability of staff. When appropriate, plants are hand watered (the most efficient method of watering) during the early morning when evapo-transpiration is at its lowest. During the winter 100% of the watering is by hand.

For our clients, we promote the use of irrigation systems, mulching to reduce water loss and weed prevention, water saving granules and to plant using mycorrhizal fungi which reduces the need for additional summer watering.


Waste is created by:

Recycling of all waste products is encouraged by the Boma for both environmental and cost purposes.

Excavation of landscaping sites:

Green waste from landscaping and maintenance sites:

Packaging materials:

Regular office waste: