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Looking After Your Christmas tree

Important note on looking after your Christmas tree


The Nordman and Fraser Fir trees have very good needle holding properties. We would recommend cutting the base of these trees and putting them straight into a water holding stand filled with water (see our Cinco water retaining stands), to ensure they keep looking fresh. Remember to check the water level, to ensure they do not dry out. It is advised not to put them next to a heat source where they will dry out.


We would not recommend putting a Norway Spruce in the house too early in December. These are traditional trees with poor needle retention (7-14 days needle retention). If placed near a heat source or not watered regularly, these trees will lose their needles rapidly (see our Cinco water retaining stands). These are ideally brought inside and decorated a few days before Christmas.


The Pot Grown Nordman trees have been grown from seedlings in their pots and will survive if treated well after Christmas. Stand outside till ready to be brought indoors.  Keep well watered. Do not stand near a heat source.  But remember, it is an outdoor living plant so it must go outdoors early in the new year.  It can go on a balcony or in your garden.  It can be planted out in your garden, however it would be better to give it a few years in a pot as it’s a young tree and will be safer in the pot so long as you water it throughout the year.



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