September Gardening Tips

⦁ Apply autumn lawn fertiliser this month, after scarifying and aerating and prior to applying a lawn dressing.

⦁ Harvest your autumn Raspberries. Pick the fruit when its frim to ripe for preserves and freezing, and when it’s fully ripe for eating fresh.

⦁ Cover your leafy crops with crop netting in order to deter damage cause from pigeons and squirrels.

⦁ Continue watering new plants. Early morning or late evening are the best times to water and where possible use grey water.

⦁ As your summer bedding starts to fade this month, indulge your senses with our autumnal / winter bedding range. Try hot oranges with brown or cool blues with silver.

⦁ Reduce the watering of your houseplants when the weather cools. Almost allow them to dry out completely before watering.

⦁ Net your pond prior to leaf fall, as foliage rotting in the water may cause an increase in algae.

⦁ Cut back the haulm (stems) of your potatoes to 5cm above the ground and leave for two weeks for the skins to harden then dig them up carefully and mash, roast or boil and serve with butter and home grown chives.

⦁ Plant bulbs this month, you could naturalise bulbs in the lawn or grow them in containers under your winter / spring bedding for formally in your borders.

⦁ Sow Calendula, Centaurea and Poppies out in the garden this month to offer a beautiful drift of floral wonder next year.


September is like no other Its days change colour and weather

No other month can say quite the same

For every day I can feel the change