November Gardening Tips

  • Start clearing up discarded leaves as they fall removing them from the lawn, pond and borders will ensure these areas remain tidy and disease free. You could store your leaves in a perforated plastic bag or leaf litter bin and use it as a leaf mould next year.

  • Use terracotta or glazed terracotta pot feet this month to raise your pots up from the ground. This will allow for maximum drainage over the cold months helping to protect both your plants and your pots from the frosty coldness of winter.

  • As the colder days creep into November and the ground starts to cool it’s the perfect time to start planting your Tulip bulbs as the cold will help prepare your Tulips for a magnificent display in the new year.

  • Plant out your winter/spring bedding this month. I would recommend a few small evergreen shrubs like Skimmia or Euonymous with a splash of viola for colour or maybe some gorgeous Cyclamen with some trailing Ivy and under plant with a subtle selection of spring bulbs.

  • Cover your Brassicas with crop netting in order to prevent any damage that may occur from pigeons.

  • Prune your Roses this month as this will both help to establish a good framework for next year and prevent wind damage from occurring over the winter months.

  • Grease bands wrapped tightly around the trunks of your trees will help prevent winter moth overwintering in your trees.

  • Mulch your borders during November with a generous serving of manure and some mulch and mix. This will help to improve the structure of your soil that will in turn hold nutrients and moisture better, it will also help to suppress any weed growth.

  • You can plant containerised trees and shrubs this time of year as the ground is still fairly warm from the summer and with steady rainfall a good root will develop, giving your plants the perfect head start for the spring.

  • Prune your summer flowering deciduous shrubs this month opening up there frames and removing dead or diseased growth and crossing stems. Do not prune your Prunus species as they may contract silver leaf over the winter months and prune your evergreens in the early spring.

  • Do not forget to feed your garden birds as the weather cools. There is a wide range of different foods to choose from, offering the birds in your garden a veritable smorgasboard of flavour.

No shadow, no stars, no moon, no care,
It only believes in a pile of dead leaves
                          And a moon that’s the colour of bone.                        
( Tom Waits )