June Gardening Tips

  • Harvest lettuce, radish and other salads this month, also early potatoes will be ready this month.

  • Get down and hoe your borders this month, removing weeds as they appear will help keep your borders tidy and reduce the need to use chemical weed killers.

  • Pinch out the side shoots on your tomatoes, this will help transfer all the good energy into the productive area of your toms. 

  • Mow your lawns at least once a week on a fairly low setting. This will help prevent the spread of weeds through your lawn and also smell of happy summers past. 

  • Support your floppy perennials with plastic plant supports or use bamboo canes and string.

  • Prune Magnolias in June (if required). June is the best time as winter pruning may cause die back and early spring pruning may cause bleeding.

  • Use Coolglass on your greenhouses, this will help prevent young plants from being scorched and is easy to apply and remove.

  • Sow Primula sp. and sweet Williams this month as they prefer a constant temperature of about 15- 20 degrees c.

  • Cut back some spring flowering perennials and you will get a lovely fresh flush of growth.

  • Remove any duckweed or blanket weed from your ponds. Also resist the urge to put any goldfish in your pond as they upset the natural order of things.

  • Lightly prune Rhododendrons after flowering and give them some sequestrene plant tonic. If you need to do a harder prune wait until early spring. 

  • Tie in climbing and rambling Roses as near to horizontal as you can. This helps restrict sap flow causing more side shoots to grow along the length of the stem, thus more flowerage. 


O come sweet June, my lovely June

The month when first the Roses bloom-

A wondrous, colourful display

By sunlight kissed throughout the day.