July Gardening Tips

⦁ Prune June-flowering shrubs such as Philadelphus and Weigela as they finish blooming. Also prune deciduous Magnolias if necessary.

⦁ Continue to tie in climbers and ramblers as they grow. Be careful as to not strangle delicate stems.

⦁ Use a sharp knife or secateurs to remove any suckers from trees and Roses.

⦁ Water in newly planted shrubs and trees this month as they may stress during the first year of planting if left too dry.

⦁ Cut back perennials like Geraniums and Delphiniums after the first flush of flower to encourage a second flowering.

⦁ Water your bedding plants and containers with a high potassium fertiliser like Tomorite in order to promote more bloomage. Regular dead heading is also important.

⦁ Autumn flowering bulbs like Amaryllis, Colchicum and Nerines can be planted now for a glorious autumn display.

⦁ Keep an eye out for scarlet beetles on your lilies. Lily beetle can strip a plant in days.

⦁ Keep the pump in your pond on during sultry nights as the oxygen levels are low in such conditions.

⦁ Raise the setting of your mower during prolonged hot spells to help prevent the lawn from drying out and becoming patchy.

Hot July brings cooling showers,

Apricots and gillyflowers."

-  Sara Coleridge, Pretty Lessons in Verse